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The Front Fell Off!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

On the lighter side, a friend sent me this link from an RCP story - the clip is a spoof of an interview with an Australian official about an oil tanker wreck that really happened last year.

Mos Def tells us who the terrorists really are.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

A hug and a hat tip to Karen Zipdrive for turning me on to this video. Love ya woman!

Trying to force a regime change in Iran the old fashion way-through covert ops.

Monday, June 30th, 2008

The old fashioned way is using clandestine and/or covert ops by various US governmental agencies. The usual agencies are the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Seymour Hersh addresses these operations in his latest article for the New Yorker. Mr. Hersh received the information on new covert ops against ...

Spiral Up - Nathan’s Story

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

The following video is a trailer for a documentary titled, Spiral Up. The film's release date has yet to be established. The film was the idea of Scott Seskind, a social worker at a nursing home in Boulder where Nathan, the subject of the documentary (who also has Huntington's Disease) ...

From Baghdad to Beijing

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

IAVA is sponsoring a few of our wounded veterans in their quest to participate in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. The video below is about those brave soldiers. If you have a few bucks to spare would you consider donating to this worthwhile cause? IAVA and our brave vets would really ...

George Carlin has died.

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

And I am brokenhearted. I saw George through three different decades of my life and up until the end when I saw him in Vegas two years ago, he was on his game, satire at its best and grumpy as hell. From MSNBC: Comedian George Carlin, a counter-culture hero famed for ...

Class Warfare or a disappearing Middle Class?

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

From Bill Moyers Journal 6-13. Moyers examines the plight of the hard-working Middle Class and the problems they face attempting to provide for their families in our current economy. Workers productivity has increased 76% but wages have increased less than 2% in the last 30 years.

Fox Noise ambushes Bill Moyers at NCMR

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

The Doublemint Candidate

Friday, June 6th, 2008

A lot of John McCain's support is based on his portraying himself as a 'straight talker' who speaks his mind, damn the consequences.  The truth is that he's taken diametrically opposite stances on a lot of key issues - it seems as if he says whatever he thinks his current ...

This Brave Nation, Part 1

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

This documentary is a joint effort of The Nation and Brave New Films. From the site This Brave Nation: In any other profession, Carl Pope might be considered a "company man." He has worked loyally and tirelessly in the name of the Sierra Club for thirty years, running the organization - ...