July 24th, 2006

Government Trolls - Our Tax Dollars at Work - UPDATE!

Last week it was the revelation that the Department of Defense was going to be indexing blogs. Then it was the revelation that Marine recruiters were using My Space to lure people into the military. Now it seems our tax dollars are being used for military personnel to cruise blogs sites and spam the comment section. At least that is what it seems like after we received this comment today:

Greetings; my name is Spc. Patrick Ziegler with U.S. CENTCOM. While it is not my place to get involved in any political debates, I just wanted toinvite your readers to visit our website, www.centcom.mil . The CENTCOM website is a good place to get up-to-date news, press releases, video and audio from Iraq, Afghanistan and all other places within the Central Command Area of Responsibility.

We also received the same message from Spc. Patrick Ziegler in our administrative E-mail account here at Bring It On!. Certainly the E-mail was a more polite way to ask if we were interested than the drive-by spamming, but are either method an appropriate use of government time and money? I think fellow Bring It On! author Chris from Idaho summed it up best when he said:

Let’s see, now my tax dollars are paying for some E-4 to surf the web and read political blogs. He even says he isn’t here to engage in a political debate, then WTF are you doing reading (and posting) a political blog?

This is just one more example of the politicizing of our Armed Forces, which mind you Gen. Tommy Franks took to a whole new level ala Fox News. The military is supposed to stay out of the debate, they are just supposed to execute. It’s up to those on the outside to do the politicking for the military, not the military itself.

This is truly strange, and something that I bet will wind up getting national news coverage, if not just for the blatant misuse of military resources but of how it reeks of propaganda.

Propaganda indeed.

I guess on the bright side, we now know they are really reading our blogs and paying attention to them. Wait, that may not be such a bright side after all.

***** Updated 4:31 PM EST*****

Chris has found out even more information on this intiative:


The team’s motto is “Engage,” and Flowers and others work with more than 250 bloggers to try to disseminate news about the good work being done by U.S. forces in the global war on terror. The effort, officials here said, has reached more than 17 million online readers.
“We were given the mission to do electronic media engagement,” Flowers said. “The idea was put forth that so many people are getting their news from online sources that we would be remiss if we neglected that audience.”,

Jesus, the DOD is feeding new stories to certain bloggers (hmm, that list should be public don’t ya think?), now, I’d just love to have some more information on this.

I think this got bumped up a notch.

This is pretty damn disturbing. I understand wanting to point people to the CENTCOM website (besides the obvious faux pas of trolling), but to actively feed information to certain bloggers is way out of bounds.

And I can’t help but think of the soldiers who are assigned to this; “Gee Grandpa, did you fight in Iraq?”, “Nah, Bobby, I was a blogger, a combat blogger, I even got a Purple Heart once for my carpel tunnel syndrome, I was also awarded the Bronze Star for Valour the time I posted at The Democratic Underground. Hard times Bobby, hard times.”

Stay tuned for more. Chris isn’t done digging yet. We will kep you informed as we learn more.

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32 Comment(s)

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  1. steve Says :

    Looks like creative marketing to me…  Grab that internet generation.  Still wondering how much more tax dollars are being spent from some recruiter hitting the internet.  What’s it cost for DSL?  $19.95 a month?  The recruiter has a job no matter what and it is his job to recruit.  

    Splitting hairs we are? 

  2. Barbara Jamaleddin Says :

    Regardless of what this Spc. Patrick Ziegler said about his website, up to date issues on Iraq and Afganistan, don’t believe what you read. Our government would never tell the truth about what is going on. EVER!!!!! They are paid to hide the truth and they have to hide the truth when recruiting. I heard the lies when they called my granddaughter.  Marines calling, oh, you never get involved in combat, the day after that call, Marines were killed, in ground combat. I am hearing first hand from the people who are in Lebanon, our news is NOT THE REAL NEWS, lies, fabricated to entice and sway the American Public. We have created a mess, we are in a mess, and this Mess will last the life time of at least 30% of the living population. ALL YOU BLOGGERS< DO GET FOOLED!!!!!!

  3. K Says :

     Are you assuming that incogneto government agents never post?   You would be surprised what variety of websites they do post on.   Not just political, but also adult discussion forums.   

     How much money did the government spend on propaganda last year?

  4. Ya Right Says :

    I live in San Diego and about 2yrs. ago Microsoft had an XP SP3 update hoopla at the convention center. People from around the world were here, but this one guy I meet when we went out one night had the endless credit card, bought all our drinks and food and we all had a great time. Well as the night went on he was getting wasted of course and let the cat out of the bag, this dude said he was from Virginia and he and 100+ others were full time internet devils advocate for the govt. and they were to go to all of the forums and message sites. There job was to be pro govt. belittle any who countered the argument of the govt. being wrong, there would be at any one time from 1-12  people against one person debating any subject. They would according to him just rip people to shreds in the forums, then it hit me all at once why I could never come up with a good counter argument sometimes when I talked to individuals in the forums, it was because of these people were working in groups against us. I played dumb to this guy, (Karma will get him) and never really said anything on this subject, but trust me on this that they are out there and this does go on. I just want to someday kick there ass on dslreports.com, you will find them there in the forums, it’s pretty ubvious who they are.

  5. Jordan Thornton Says :

    Since 2001, I’ve noticed that the Independent Media Center network has been inundated by Trolls/Plants, and several of them appear on different sites, under different “names”. It’s interesting to note their consistent Tactics of Disinformation, and the issues they usually deal with - Bush/PNAC’s close relationship to the Zionist Extremists in Israel, 911 As False Flag, and anything to do with an ongoing military push or economic summit.

    Several sites were hacked at the outbreak of the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Israeli push into Lebanon.

    While researching the subject, you may wish to contact the Administrators of some of the IMC’s and get their opinion.

  6. illuminatus prime Says :



  7. Why Fret Says :

    I have been noticing for years, information officers, spamming discussion boards… you recognize them.. when spew out the party line.. the talking points…. when you engage them, ask them if they are on the government payroll… if they so no…. tell them to apply for a job with Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush/Rice/Rove who are looking for unconscionable men like them! to spew out the lies, misinformation, misrepresentation, distortion, treachery, equivocation, prevarication calumny and lies..

  8. Dilbert Says :


    This form of communication is favored by Fascist regimes hell bent on empire at any cost.

    Since USA is the NUMBER ONE TERRORIST IN THE WORLD- this approach is understandable, since the TRUTH would be painful for citizens to embrace, it’s important to have your government workers pretend to be citizens and that way you can embrace all of their DELICIOUS LIES.

    Like.. Israel is defending itself.. WHAT AN AWESOME LIE!!!!


  9. Cassandra Says :

    Redon Group revisted? :P

  10. piltdown Says :

      Of COURSE it’s all paid propaganda.  Do you think people are stupid enough to think this way without being paid off?

  11. Jet Netwal Says :

    No kidding Cassandra. Analyze this! ;-D

  12. Joseph Sarandos Says :

    I’m a 10+ year Navy Vet (Korea and Vietnam eras) from a family of voluntary Military patriots (3 brothers in WWII, 1 brother in Korean War, a son in earliest M-E Wars, and a grandson in current M-E Wars).

    Always posting under my true full name and address, and for many years, I’ve been exposing and opposing the Zionist/Israel-controlled involvement of American officials and troops in the M-E Wars.

    This had made of me a pre-identified target for group-harassment (”gang-bangs”) at and eventual banning from both large and small internet forums, each of which had and have both resident and visiting pro-Zionism, pro-Israel, pro-War and pro-GWB Administration “pre-plants,” under various guises in their multiples of anonymous pseudonyms, but each practicing the same, “go straight for the jugular” tactics of the JDL and ADL operatives.

    So, there is nothing new about, but only a sudden increase in, government employed or sponsored propagandists on the internet.

    My original “The Full Truth Forum,” that was on the ezBoards Network for about 4 years, became suddenly, and without warning, SHUT DOWN by ezBoards, for unspecified “multiple copyrights violations,” but during the exact time in which Homeland Security was engaged in a “practice exercise” against “Terrorist web sites”.

    Rather than replacing it with a “blog,” I chose to take-over an existing (but moribund) discussion forum on the Runboards Network about 4 months ago, and this board has been receiving thousands of VIEWS, but only a few POSTS, on a daily average.

    The URL of my “shut down” TFTF is:

    The URL of my “operating” TFTF is:

  13. shruby Says :

    there has to be some way to ratf*ck these guys. Set up fake, but similar websites to theirs. Then do your own trolling…spamming….advertisments. Hack their sites, give them tons of unwanted traffic, spam their emails, etc.

    Make this backfire. Give them PLENTY to worry about, read about, track down and waste their resources. This is war! 

  14. Roasberry Says :

    “Global war on terror,” my ass.  What has happened to America’s values and sense of fair play that ordinary men defending their own country from an illegal military invasion are “terrorists,” and not patriots?  When the British sent an expeditionary force to Massachussetts and some farmer on Lexington green took a pot shot at a lobsterback, I suppose he was a “terrorist?”  The very fact that Bush and his criminal gang of despicable thugs are hooting it up about a GLOBAL was on “terror” should send shivers up anyone’s spine — for it means that he is fully intent on world domination, and anyone who resists his warmongering incursions will be simply dismissed as a “terrorist” by his propaganda mill.  Lee Harvey Oswald, where are you now that we need you?  And yeah, any of you DOD or FBI goons who read this, know that I despise you, I despise your laws, I despise your force-propped authority.  But unlike Patrick Henry, I will not demand that you “give me liberty or give me death;” I will promise this instead:  “Give me liberty or I will give YOU death!”

  15. Sandy Says :

    Everything you say on here is watched and monitored. And the gov has your IP addys and knows EXACTLY who you are. So all the haters, don’t be surprised when something happens.

    You should know better. But of course you refuse to act civilly because liberals aren’t civil.

    They are morons.

  16. Tom Baker Says :

    Sandy has a bad workign knowledge of just how useful IP addresses are. Not thta it matters, most of us use our real names. We aren’t afraid of this government. Bring It On!

  17. Kirilova Says :

    We are already living beyond Orwell. The “war on terror” myths are to brainwash the public audiences. The real war of the US establishment is on the entire humanity.

  18. Paul Revere Says :

    The Nazi’s were real big on propaganda too.

    Just like the US and the Israeli’s.

  19. TraptAmerican Says :

    Great blog, very informative.  On the subject of propaganda……

    If you get the chance (all of you)….  do me a favor and spam the shit out of this neo-con propagation of a Ralph Nader 2008 campaign page.  www.nader2008.org  The average American dumbass who sees this, will probably think it’s real.  This site show’s sympathy to suicide bombers and aggresive beheadings.  It even goes so far as to say ‘America and Israel deserve what they get’.   It put’s such a trashy label on one of the few un-corrupted and non-zionist American’s with the chance to lead this country.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out this site was constructed on our tax dollar. 

    Oh, and if I missed something and all of you already knew about this,  I apologize.  I’m still somewhat new to internet politicking.  Thanks, Peace out.

  20. Sammy J Says :

    haha on nader2008.org look at “supporters”.

    “spliff subaru”


    “dream dancer”

    “euro cappucino”

    The scary thing is,

    People may actually believe this.

  21. churnshaft » Blog Archive » Trolling and Taxing–Front’n too. Says :

    […] With all the other miscreants, can you possibly be surprised at this?  C’mon get with the NWO.  I think we should stop complaining because we don’t have much left anyway.  Well I do, but yall are really suckin’ hind [mammary]. […]

  22. pokerkid Says :

    Trolls like Sandy are a dime a dozen. 

    Spew the zionazi byline every time.

    Threaten us with, “we know who you are, dont be surprised when we come for you” crap   well bee-otch, you better come prepared for WAR when you threaten us with shizen like that.


    Poker Face is a very extremely politically INCORRECT political protest rock band out of Allentown, PA

    Our forum board

    http://www.pokerface.org/fx has been hacked several times, from defacing the front page to corrupting the data. each time we come back online quicker and with more tools to stop the zionazi hackers/crackers


    Many times in the past when we had a very visible, political gig in DC, our site would be taken off line the week preceeding the gig. Guess we should be honored that they think our site, music and information we bestowe to the public at large is such a threat to their take over of our country and freedoms.


    Our favorite Forum board where the closest thing to the truth happens, even with tons of Fed trolls and zionazi idiots is called



    check it out, you will be amazed at how much truth escapes from each post/thread.

     Remember folks, there are a lot more of us (and growing larger everyday) then there are of them, the paid for shills, government disinformationists, freedom haters. Best to expose each one, when encountered, and then move beyond their noise.


    We take back this country with THIS generation. WE still have the guns in our hands and will use them if all other avenues are cut off. In their arrogance and pride, they think they are already DICkTAsTORs of the fourth Reich of the rich. They have another thing coming.






  23. pokerkid Says :

    PS  lets see if this video of ours called BREAK THE KONTROL will pop up, if not you can cut and paste the code elsewhere, also here is the back up link you can click to go directly there:



  24. landcomm1 Says :

    The nice thing about the blogasphere is that anyone, any organization, any government can share thoughts and attempt to direct the attention of readers in their direction. Do we believe everything we read?  Of course not!  Do I think it’s right that the military is blogging? Probably not but at the same time, our dear Secretary of Defense certainly has not done the military any favors, placing them in harms way with such a shit-poor, damn-sure-to-lose battle plan in Iraq. In short, I cannot blame the military for trying to shine favorable light on their collective efforts when as each day passes, their efforts look worse and worse…

    And I’m not afraid to share the fact that I am military.  Specifically: Navy, retired and disabled.  I am also a progressive dem who occassionally leans left.  I also think our president is a sociopath who almost surely should be jailed for a variety of crimes against the citizens of this and other nations.

    Blog on, team.  We have opinions to sway and elections to win this year and in 2008!

    PS Sandy, you really are a nutter!

  25. i can tell Says :

    @#4, ya right, you are right! i have encountered these guys many times and there are ways you can spot them. once they come onto a site they try to dominate the comment section as to make it appear there are way more of them than there are of you. one of the ways you can spot them is they don’t ever link to any info, they rarely comment on links you make or points you make and instead grab isolated comments, twist them and construe you are a supporter of terror. one site you can visit that is a perfect example is 24 steps of liberty. there is are a few posters there(kryptonite is a perfect example) that are definitely plants. also watch out for lynn of minnesota. sometimes you can trip them up. one dialogue i engaged in was asking one of them to explain how sadam was a threat to america. it went on for 190 messages and he continually evaded the question. one of the ways you can spot them is they don’t let go, they hammer insultingly, they twist your words, they continually use the same talking points filled w/generalizations.

    i also think they create websites as a way of introducting points of view . fun with hand grenades is a perfect example of this. he is supposedly a soldier in iraq yet he has the time and resources to post these threads that are very timely in addressing subjects that fit w/the news. right now he has a favorable post in addressing breaking up iraq into separate states. earlier on the comments had a variety of commenters but they slam anyone who doesn’t play by the rules via the ‘mother of the soldier’ who calls herself mamabear .

    there is a company called netvocates that hires people to infiltrate blogs. after they were outed they took down their link. 


  26. Brian Says :

    There are quite a few “agents” on Myspace New & Politics forums. Whenever anyone brings up anything that is detrimental to the government or masons or royal family or military industrial complex or the banksters…..you can count on the disinformation artists to show up pretty quick to derail any conversations that may make their masters look bad. I call them out ALL the time and some have admitted. The funniest thing though is almost ALL of them are masons. Co-incidence?

  27. Lou Summers Says :

    …..I posted an article and opinion about underaged drinking. I proposed requiring the alcohol industry be forced to label their products indicating their product is a narcotic. (AMA)…well, every thing went well up until I was attacked by people with obscure views. Not to detail it in this letter but I am suspicious at least that they are shills for the alcohol industry….I also recently spoke at a town hall meeting and there was an alcohol lobbyist there who I guess was there just to make sure we don’t get anywhere….I did manage to call him a bottom feeder in front of everyone….lol….but still, I though I was just being paranoid and now I wonder if even big business pays people to scan blogs and try to disrupt there…..er, profits off of children (17% of their profits are from people not old enough to drink).

  28. Debbie Says :

    More and more you liberal extremists are giving Democrats a bad name.  I always thought we were the good people - liberal Democrats. I guess extremism is a disease in any guise.  You people are just as bad as the Muslim extremists and are starting to sound a whole lot like them as far as having traits of being paranoid and wanting only your own views to be seen and known, as well as other ways.

    Did you ever once think that this is a way for them to show the other side of the story?  Do you not believe everyone has a right to post their beliefs?  Do you not even want to hear any other side to any story?  In working in courts for many years, I know how dangerous it can be only to hear one side of any story and how important it is to hear all sides of every story.  Terrorism is very dangerous for everyone in the world and so are Muslim extremists/terrorists. But because of liberal extremists helping Muslim extremists/terrorists with their goals, because of their blind hatred for people with different opinions than their own…very much like the Muslim extremists/terrorists themselves…you are totally blind to what you are doing.  This is one of the major reasons that extremism in any guise is so dangerous.

    I would urge all of you to read about history and what all is going on in the world and drop your hatred for a while so you are not so blind to see history repeated itself.

  29. Tom Baker Says :

    No Debbie, the Government has a variety of ways to get their side of the story out there. They don’s say the President has a Bully Pulpit for nothing. What they are trying to do now is co-opt bloggers to help spread that message without any willinglness to discuss or debate the merits of said message. We are getting canned information, cleaned and scrubbed and presented the way they want it - without any ability to question them about it. It’s not a a desire NOT to see other points of view, it’s a strong desire not to be used as a tool of the military to spread their views.

    That’s not being an extremist, it’s sticking up for my rights not to be a propoganda supplier. I wouldn’t let the government slap a sign on my front lawn, and I damn sure don’t want them doing it on OUR site. Don’t they have a country to defend or something?  

  30. Tom Baker Says :

    But you are right on one thing Debbie, people shoud see what’s going on in the world so that history doesn’t repeat itself. History is replete with examples of the government co-opting new media and spreading propoganda until one day we wake up and have a charming dictatorship. most tyrants are elected.    

  31. Lil Blogger Says :

    Wow, you guys should smoke some more weed.. I don’t think you are quite paranoid enough yet..  Truley amazing.  Thank god people like you all can never find your way into a position of power.  We’d all be fucked for sure. 

  32. Michael Slavonski Says :

    Quote from an above reply:

    ” Joseph Sarandos Says :July 25th, 2006 at 7:26 am I’m a 10+ year Navy Vet (Korea and Vietnam eras) from a family of voluntary Military patriots (3 brothers in WWII, 1 brother in Korean War, a son in earliest M-E Wars, and a grandson in current M-E Wars).

     Always posting under my true full name and address, and for many years, I’ve been exposing and opposing the Zionist/Israel-controlled involvement of American officials and troops in the M-E Wars.”

    Here we have a person with severe mental problems pushing his message board. His is nothing more than a rabid hatred for Jews and conservatives. So now we see that the Jews are at fault when they get attacked by Arab bigots who despise anyone who is not of their faith. We had seen on 9-11-01 how the Arab mind set works. Is this lackey paid by Al-Quaida. If he supports them for free he is even a bigger fool!

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