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Jesus Image Found in Dog’s Butt

If you have faith you will see Him. Just stare at it for a few seconds.

Get Behind Jesus via Bits & Pieces

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111 Responses to “Jesus Image Found in Dog’s Butt”

  1. Wow!!!  What a brave thing you’ve done!  The courage you’ve displayed against those murderous minions of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and even the Pope, must make your family so proud.  It is a historical chapter you can pass on with relish (and mustard) to any of your grandchildre n you bounce on your knee.  As you pointed out yesterday, it was their policies (along with the policies of those Christians in the Bush administrati on) and lack of compassion that forced a woman to allegedly make her daughter drink turpentine in order to induce an abortion, despite the fact that Georgia law allowed for it legally.  Aren’t you worried that one or more of these all-powerful individuals might do something really awful to you, like…uh…call you a rude name?

    Or maybe even worse.  It’s coming out now from President Musharraf that Daniel crossed these guys and his body was found in ten pieces.  Doesn’t it bother you that you could be the victim of…Oh, wait a minute, that was the Islamonazi terrorists that butchered Pearl.  Man, it’s a good thing you didn’t piss those people off by implying that the above image looked like that Muhammed cartoon that had a bomb in place of the turban.

    Yep…you’re brave alright.

  2. The “Daniel” above is Daniel Pearl.  Forgot his last name in there.

  3. Uhhh, SteveIL, I pick on all religion. I’m not sure I’m following your point. Are you telling me you believe in something invisible? Now that is crazy and brave at the same time.

  4. Nah, it’s just easy and stupid…


  5. I believe in air   and that’s invisable.  Is that crazy and brave or easy and stupid?

  6. I am more worried about the Congress of the USA *closing* its doors to the public to meet with Israeli leaders. (One is coming up soon.)


    You want to make fun of an “untouchable ” icon? You want to take a real risk in the USA?


    Try to criticize the Zionist control over our Congress and government. Heck, even *question* it, and you’re labelled an anti-Semite, or similar bullhockey.




  7. Whoever owns this mutt can sell him for a pretty penny on Ebay!

  8. You know as scandalous as this may look one can’t help but understand where you are coming from.  Every time some mush donkey brained shit eating ignorant terd claims to see Jesus in a tree, window, clouds, shoes, clothing, mud, toast etc, invariably is followed by a litany of fools gawking and oooohing and claiming to see christ too- even if they were certifiably blind as bats. Our nation of fools is run by a fool. We deserve Bush because the majority of us, the religiou s loonies and right wing dicks, all voted for him -twice.  We might as well throw in the towel and hand over the country to Hugo Chavez. Hey at least he has balls.   

  9. Hey Big Ed if you think that air is invisible try visiting Los Angeles. All religion is shamanist controlled superstition . If you want to you can, in America where there is freedom to worship as you please, or not.

  10. If we handed the counrty over to Chavez you would all be thrown in jail,if you’re lucky. And be careful because Chavez is a devout Christian,sp eaking of zionist.

    So someone thinks they saw Jesus in a piece of toast or a dog’s asshole,and that affects you how? Look at it for what it is,nothing.   

    And just so you know people that vote republican aren’t neccesarily religious,ma ybe they just have some basic values.

  11. Is this like inkspots, SteveO?  ‘Cause I  can only see a blonde Grinc h who’s, apparently, been shot in the forehead whilst eating an Action Man…? 

    Does this make me a bad person?

  12. I touch myself. Did I just kill a kitten?

  13. Which basic values, tos? Which values do Republicans have that everyone else doesn’t, because if they did they’d be Republicans?

  14. Jesus appearing in a dog’s crotch {is that Jesus on the tip of his penis?} that ’s great. Next time he’ll appear on a slice of wonder bread if he already hasn’t. Those so inclined see Jesus just about everywhere even on a bridge abutments water stains. Images such as these only confirm my belief extreme religious people suffer from mental illness. Other than that it’s pretty dam funny, bravo Steve O your are the master of the obvious! LV

  15. Big Ed,

    Ah, but air is visible, Ed.  It appears blue during the day.


  16. Steve O,

    Uhhh, SteveIL, I pick on all religion. I’m not sure I’m following your point. Are you telling me you believe in something invisible? Now that is crazy and brave at the same time.

    I’ve seen many of your recent posts (I tried to look further, but this site gave me a weird pop-up window that wouldn’t allow me to see more).  You criticize the terrorists media mouthpiece, Al Jazeera, once; but, in no way does it appear that you pick on all religion.  Just Christianity . 

    Just to set the record straight, I endorse your right to express yourself in this way.  This is unlike Sen. Harry Reid, who would deny the First Amendment rights to free expression of other private citizens by threatening Congressiona l sanctions.

    And it is you who sees some supposed inv isible divine entity in a dog’s ass.  I mean, that is your point of this “brave” post  , isn’t it? 

  17. It would appear, the END is near…

  18. Paul- I will say this regarding my own state of NY. We have a democrat running for governor that wants to close more hospitals so that he can give out more medicaid. We have a republican running that wants to crack down on medicaid fraud.
    In my county our county executive just got a bill passed that if a company bids on county contracts they have to prove the employees are legal citizens because the same companies that keep getting their bids awarded can low ball because of the cheap labor. And who opposes the passing of this bill? democrats.
    And the entitlement issue. I don’t feel welfare should become a way of life which is not for it’s original intended purpose.
    I have a hanciapped friend that when she was 18 applied for medicaid to help out with her medical bills. Why do you think she was denied?
    They say because she was living at home but her parents couldn’t afford to help her. I believe it had to do with her being white.
    I know someone that used to work at social services and if someone denied benefits to someone they would be waiting outside for them when they got off from work so it was just easier to give those benfits instead of getting jumped.
    Another time I was in a bank and this girl behind me was cashing her welfare check and she had a 3 karat engagement ring on her finger and told her friend she didn’t want to get married because she would lose her benefits.
    I had a friend in high school who’s alcoholic gambling father left them and sold the house from under them to pay his gambling debts. They had no where to go. A mother and 3 kids. She was denied and while she sat there she saw every other non-white getting approved.
    I know you will say we have to help the poor,but i don’t believe I should have to pay more for it when we already have the highest property taxes in the country which 70% of those goes to education. And alot of the kids live in 2 family illegal homes and no democrat wanted to crack down on this but now they are trying to implement an income tax to help supplement the already burdened real estate tax of course a republican wants to do this.

  19. Still waiting for those basic values, tos. Accusations about dependency and inverse racism don’t cut it as values.

  20. What does all of the above have to do with our beloved saviour appearing in the crotch of a canid? LV

  21. Hey Paul-I’m just telling it like I see it,doens’t mean I’m racist. It means it devalues a country when you have the attitude of entitlement. And why is okay for people here to bash Christianity and white males that’s called reversed racism.

  22. Yes, and I meant accusations to apply to both dependency and to inverse racism.

    I most definitely was not accusing you of being racist.

  23. Okay I misunderstoo d. Alrighty then.

  24. The plural of anecdote is not data… if you look, you can find examples of outrages that can be used to support almost any position, and you can find outrageous statements and actions by members of any group you want to make look bad.  The real test is, what are the main trends and policies?  By that standard, the Dems are doing a lousy job of representing the poorest and most afflicted Americans, but the Republicans have flat-out been waging war on them since Reagan.  It’s been the Republicans that have kept the minimum wage frozen; zeroed out the budgets for social programs to feed millionaire tax cuts and this stupid war; tried to eliminate the department of education and are continuing to work to gut public education in favor of a voucher system that’s a trojan horse for public funding of fundamentali st schools; and on and on.  The trashing, rather than true reform, of the welfare system started under Clinton, but he was pandering to the right when he did that.

    The values of the Republican right consist of “me, me, me,” “do and say whatever it takes to get what I want,” and “my way or the highway.”  It’s the party of torture, pollution, corporate fraud and disenfranchi sement of minorities.

  25. Boy I must be missing something to segway from Jesus’s face in the crotch of a dog to welfare reform to racism to disenfranchi sement of minorities is a bit much. It’s FUNNY that’s all. For anyone to believe an alleged divine entity would appear in the private parts of a canid is absurd. It is a form of mental illness, I’ve put people on psychiatric wards for less. And TOS you an upstater {my guess} or a downstater if so what region the Capital District, Western NY or what? Don’t take me to seriously folks I just find a serious conversation about a dog’s crotch  and the face of our lord burried in it somewhat disconcertin g. Fondly, LV

  26. I saw the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a plate of pasta.  The funny thing is I was eating spaghettini.   Too bad I didn’t have a camera!

  27. Was the sauce from a jar or home made? Jesus or any other monster would never appear in a jar of Ragu for example. They point is if you see Jesus’s face in such an object you may have schizophreni a. LV

  28. He can appear in a taco shell, why not a dog’s butt? Come on guys, he’s really really super-powere d. He could probably appear in my butt soon too. I will have to check.


    P.S. I spit on all you scoffing non-believer s. PTUI. All hail his super-powers  , and cringe in awe.

  29. I ’saw’ Jesus and the Madonna in a giant stalac tite/stalacm ite in undergrou nd caverns in southern Italy this summer. You’d think He’d have better things to do than go about ‘appearing’ in the most unlikely places - like 2k underground - wouldn’tch a?

  30. He is the Lord thy saviour show him some respect when you next see him in your bowel movement. LV

  31. Ann,

    To be fair, Christianty does claim He’s omnipresent, so it could be that He is everywhere but only lets us see Him in weird places. Personally I think it’s just showing that even the Almighty has a sense of the absurd.

  32. LV-Suffolk County. Now I just gave you too much info. Upstate is actually cheaper unless you’re in Clinton Country.

  33. I live in Schenectady County like many in this neck of the woods I work in Albany. Now we have shared too much information. LV

  34. Well I won’t be voting for Spitzer. What do you work for Motor Vehicles?

    I was in Middleton a couple of weeks ago. I should of looked you up.

  35. Wow I really looked at the dog’s ass and I saw Jesus. It’s a miracle!

  36. I once lived in Wappingers Falls!


  37. Look people lets face it we are a nation of dumb fucks who twice voted in a retarded ape and his slimy band of thugs, israelis, murderers, cronies and hang-ons and white-wanna bees (Condi Rice). He only gives hope to the adoring white trash watching his embarass ing attempt at English and grotesqu ely oebse imbecile old farts in the biblical belt (particularl y TX and OK) glued to their 200 year smelly urine stained recliners with crosses just about everywhere (including their rectum s) hoping and pining for that Rapture that could come about any day now, who switch between that supreme  monkey shit Jimmy Swaggert and the total fucking disinformati on zone, Fox News. I say I would rather be under Chavez any day than this fucking coak roach bush & neocon cronies. Notice the only people pissed at Chavez in Venezuela are the rich and those of the press backed by US propaganda dollars.

  38. Schenectady is over 100 miles north of Middlettown TOS. JMJ I had a cousin who was chief of Police in Wappinger 50 or more years ago! No chance you remember him, unless of course you are still having that bladder problem! You seem so young! LV

  39. […] No, really. […]

  40. […] Jesus found in dog’s butt. […]

  41. I lived there back in the late seventies, when I was a kid.  I was there for the big 78 blizzard, though.  THAT was something!  I’m not even forty, LV.  My liver, kidneys and bladder, however, are in their mid-60’s! 


  42. LV-Okay so I thought it was closer because I kept seeing signs for Albany but didn’t pay too much attention to the miles. Man you must love the winter.

  43. People didn’t vote FOR Bush, they voted AGAINST Kerry. Also remember that your sacred MAJORITY didn’t vote at all. 

  44. I snow shoe, winter hike and fish. Yes TOS I love it here and even further North. I am of Sicilian ancestry, go figure. JMJ I have to stop teasing you I just think you are an interesting person and love the evil weed Bush should smoke some never mind the crack pipe. LV

  45. Is this workplace safe?  :-)

  46. I didn’t have faith, until I saw Jesus in a dog’s ass. Hallelujah!

  47. That’s cool, LV.  I can take it!  Lord knows I dish it out!

    Good ol’ weed.  Good ol’ weed.


  48. Ps. 59:6-8 ”….th ey make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city. Behold  , they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?  But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

  49. All together:

    Jesus loves me, this I know 

    For a  dog’s butt tells me so! 

  50. Now we know how Santorum found religion.

  51. If we handed the counrty over to Chavez you would all be thrown in jail,if you’re lucky. And be careful because Chavez is a devout Christian,sp eaking of zionist.

     And don’t forget that Chavez now has Vogon battle cruisers. Klinton and the Iranians worked out the deal for him. We’re screwed.

     Oh, and he called Our Leader “the devil!”


  52. I want to know who was staring at his/her dog’s ASS in the first place!

  53. […] I suppose folks will be lining up around the block now that somebody has found an image of Jesus on their dog’s butt. The Lord works in mysterious ways. (Hat tip to the General.) Technorati Tags: dog jesus […]

  54. I am especially impressed by Jesus’ flowing white robe.

  55. Those Christians do say that Jesus is everywhere!
    “Oh, and he called Our Leader ‘the devil’.”
    Calling our lame president “our leader” is scary enough… Let’s not capitalize the ‘o’ and ‘l’.  That’s even morer scarier!!  Yikes!

  56. Oh my!  Oh my!   I suddenly feel the urge to send Robert Tilton a $50 “Love Gift” to spread da word… 

  57. I don’t get it.  I thought Jesus was black.

  58. That is a animated GIF image w/Jesue superimposed .   LOL

  59. Sorry Steve, but it looks like Kurt Cobain to me dude. :)

  60. That is no animation, it’s real! Dam ! The lord works in mysterious ways and this is proof. All you sinners repent! The rapture is comming in the form of Bungholio JESUS! He will shit you out into heaven, repent before it’s too late…..LV

  61. “Hey Paul-I’m just telling it like I see it,doens’t mean I’m racist. It means it devalues a country when you have the attitude of entitlement. And why is okay for people here to bash Christianity and white males that’s called reversed racism.

    Yes, everyone knows that entitlement is for  white Christian males. Duhh! 

     But if I can’t bash Christianity and white males, what is an elderly female like me to do for fun?

    I certainly have no values. That’s why I’m a Democrat. I see people paying for their food with stamps, and hey, I’m glad they can eat. How valueless of me!

  62. God this thing is full of total idiots… Do any of you ever read what you write? And where the hell do some of you get your information. Sounds like recycled material from the same liberal blogs. First of all the blacks and poor of this country have been voting for the Democratic party for so many years and still the ghettos get bigger…. Someone spoke of the Republic party waging war on the poor since the Reagan years… You call someone telling people to get off of their asses and do for themselves waging war??? The minimum wage has been frozen because it affects more than just those trying to get the better wage… it is a wage for un-skilled labor…. So then what happens to those jobs where people have skills…. hmm, they should now get more because they are now only making slightly more than unskilled…. then ofcourse the costs of everthing goes up… These jobs aren’t for someone to make a career out of. And then I seen another comment about Condi Rice…. A white wannabee…. So that is what you call someone who get’s off their ass and works hard to get to where she is at…. and in order to do so she dresses the right way, talks the right way, and acts the right way…. by this she is being what was she called  ” a slave in the masters house” or something to that affect…. Instead a lot of the black community idolizes Tupak Shakur??????  ????? WHAT????!!!!  ! And the department of education is a bust…. a beauracracy… . money can’t fix it…. hell they want to dumb down the kids, give them 10 chances to pass a test, and/or put them through even if they don’t learn anything…. The vouchers give that parent who lives in a city where the public schools aren’t working a choice to take their child somewhere else…Where is the problem in that. That is funny that it is said that it is a trojan horse for public funding of fundamentali st schools…. HELL WHAT DO YOU THINK THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE FOR THE LIBERALS. Another stupid comment.  And excuse me…the welfare system was bankrupting America. It needed to be ended. And I am someone who lived on welfare all my life growing up. It creates dependencies . I mean why get up to go to work when the government will just send you a check twice a month????? It needed trashed… Most of the people on it were able bodied people. And I am sorry if you have to clean up your act, talk right, dress right in order to get a reall job in America. That’s just the way it is. And don’t even dare call me a racist because hiring people is part of my job and if some white kid came in dressed and talked all ghetto… he/she wouldn’t be considered either. Some of you people need to grow up. First of all Liberalism is a form of socialism….. which does not work. It sounds good in theory but is not practical in the real world. It only creates dependency, political correctness… creates no incentive, slows progression  (ofcourse this is what some of you want anyway) Capitalism does work people…. you just have to get off of your ass and go get it… not wait for it to come to you.

  63. Lionheart,

    Pearagraphs. Look them up. Love them. Use them 

  64. Oh, Lionfart Have we offended thee Oh Lord. Lighten up, it’s a fake picture of JC n a canid ass, so what. You think your imaginary friend God gives a dog shit? I don’t because he’s imaginary. And as far as hate goes you got plenty of vitriol in you pal. The one thing I agree with you on, if it is any consolation, are those who made racist comments, unnecessary they are. LV

  65. Oh and another point to add… I had friends that would keep knocking their girlfriends up so she would get more money from welfare so he didn’t have to work. I grew up a Democrat…. and I would never…. ever vote Democrat again as long as the party is 1.) Very.. very…very weak on defense ( There is nothing wrong with having a strong nation and/or pissing off a few socialist countries who call themselves allies when it is convenient for them ) 2.) trying to make it to where any and everyone can vote in this country including illegal aliens, felons, and hell a large city where I lived even had a minor registered to vote. And #3.) Allowed to be run by the far left or liberalism for that matter. It is sad that the #2 is correct…. meaning that they can’t win in the arena of ideas. So they have to cheat to make things happen, or they bring in liberal judges to try and make laws. Which is not their job to do. They are only to interpret the constitution in order to determine if existing laws that are challenged are in fact constitution al. Oh yeah, and #4.) They have to get rid of people like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy ( I bet his brother turns in his grave everytime he opens his mouth ), Harry Reid, Pelosi, Dennis Kusinich, Dick Durbin, among many others. Your party has been highjacked…. Man I can’t even fathom how you people on the left think…. or why you think the way you do. There is no such thing as a Utopia… some people lose… some people are smarter than others… having a rough life does not excuse any horrible crime you might commit… prisoners should not have all the rights a comforts of everyone else….they lost that right when they commited their crimes… hell I would have them out breaking rocks all day, instead of getting free educations, rediculous healthcare, and tying up our judicial systems with their hairbrained appeals and/or lawsuits.  It’s called personal responsibili ty.

  66. I don’t use paragraphs because I don’t care about my grammar in this venue. And no I am not offended. And just so you know I don’t believe in god… My comments don’t come from what this started from but what I read further down.  And I have plenty of what in me?? Vitriol??

  67. Paul W.,

    Pearagraphs. Look them up. Love them. Use them

    I prefer plumagraphs, myself, juicy and tart. :^)

  68. Hey, I’m a grammar stickler not a spelling one.

  69. It must be hard to live in a country you hate so much, eh Lionheart?


  70. Damn, SteveO posts a pic of Kurt Cobain and look at the comments! Lionheart seems to have gone off the deepend or is commenting on the wrong post-“tying up our judicial systems with their hairbrained appeals and/or lawsuits.  It’s called personal responsibili ty.”

    Its called due process,evid ently you don’t believe in it or arent’ familiar with that part of our judicial system. Perhaps you need to move somewhere that doesn’t allow its citizens the right to due process Lionheart?  

  71. Hey - I’m a racist!  Does that make me a “bad person?”  Yes?  I’m bad because I prefer people who look/behave like me to all others?  That’s a racist folks.  Got nothing to do with “hate.”


    Almost everybody is a racist.  Get over it.

  72. Super Man,

    The dictionary disagrees with you.

    rac‧ism /ˈreɪ
    əm/ Pronunciatio n Key - Show Spelled Pronunciatio n[rey-siz-uh
    m] Pronunciatio n Key - Show IPA Pronunciatio n



    a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.


    a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discriminati on.


    hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

  73. Hmmm. Formatting screwed up. Just go to the link, already.

  74. Dear Lionfart here ya go,

    And if you are an athesit I would be sursprised . And why do you hate us so? Do you have vitrol in your bowels? Who was it that smelled like sulfur the other day? LV

    a. See sulfuric acid.

    Any of various sulfates of metals, such as ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, or copper sulfate.

    Bitterly abusive feeling or expression.

    vit·ri·ole d or vit·ri·oll ed, vit·ri·ol ing or vit·ri·ol ling, vit·ri·ols

    To expose or subject to vitriol.

  75. Super Child thinks he’s funny.


  76. I will agree with Loinheart that the welfare system causes dependency. Young people spreading their seed with no intentions of geting married because then our government wouldn’t take care o my kids!

    I met a very nice young black woman today in the dentist office and there was a show about polygamy on and she proceeded to tell me how it sounds similar to alot of people in her culture. Only they don’t live and work together as a family unit. Her friend lives next to the girlfriend of her boyfriend who hits them both and doesn’t work. He doesn’t have to because she has 3 kids by him and the girlfriend has 3 and he has has another kid somewhere else and he mooches off both of them when they get their checks. He’s with one for 20 years and the other for 14 years so why should he bother marrying either on of them?

    I had a black friend who used to live with us for a while and she told me the men used to come around the 8th of every month to their girlfriends homes when they would get their check with their hand out. Call me silly bit it sounds like a lifestyle to me.

    And Hattie-I am glad you are happy they are eating,not to mention the rent being payed and the $600 per kid they get.

  77. Tos, fyi, every state has its own set of rules for welfare amounts. Not all states pay 600 per kid. Also, no matter how many kids you have, you do not get more welfare now. The feds changed that requirement a while back. If a woman is on welfare now, and has another baby, she doesn’t get more money for that child after its born. So, with that in mind, the system is attempting to “right” itself and prevent women from staying on it for the rest of their life.

  78. Jesus Christ, do any of you cons know anything about welfare?  I still here the same canards - that is causes dependency, even though it has a 5 year lifetime limit with no more than two consequtive years at a time, a below living amount of money, no extra money for extra kids, etc.  Oh, yeah, and poverty is UP since it was reformed.  And immigrants, even legal ones, get almost NOTHING - no rental assistance, no AFDC (or whatever they call it these days), almosst no foodstamps.  So you fuckin geniu ses are proven wrong once again.

    And you say you’re not racists and classists - but you say the poor and black lazy dependents, that the injured who sued their injurers are all scam artists, that those that are born to ignoramouses have no excuse to be ignoramouses  , and worst of all - you say that liberals are leaching of you when conservative voters are among the poorest voting Ameri cans!  Watch or listen to any rightwing id iot hate show and what commercials to you see and hear?  Trial attorneys, low grade trade schools, voodoo diet pills, and just about every other low brow thing you can buy.

    What a fuckin joke.


  79. Good points JMJ, thanks for being specific. I was merely addressing Tos’ comment but the troll known as Lionheart is a real piece of racist work, itsn’t he?

  80. He’s a piece of ….

    “Come again!”


  81. I know that but in the meantime the y can still be on it even if they have one kid. And the rent still gets payed for them. In my state anyway.  

    But that is a good thing anyway.

  82. Thank you for making my point for me TOS, YOUR state perhaps, but not MY state. Your assumption that all people on welfare are shiftless, lazy people is revolting, and patently untrue..but you must need to beleive that for some reason.

  83. Look, of course there are shiftless poor, just as there are shiftless rich, and shiftless everything in between.  But if you think the shiftless poor are more of a problem than the shiftless rich, than you’re dumb.


  84. What’s with all these comments about this religion, that religion… It’s a funny picture of a dog’s ass that looks a bit like a religious icon. Ha  ha! Laugh, you morons, laugh: it’s what your god would want, isn’t it? To be like little children? Well, then a dog’s ass looking like a respected person is FUNNY.

  85. It got your attention, didn’t it, Altairthevex ed?  ;)


  86. Never cast negative comments about JC appearing in the ass of a dog, you’ll go to hell for it. And TOS I gotta call you, you got a thing for “Loinheat”. Ha ha ha ha ha hah …LV

  87. […] Even on (in?) a dog’s butt. LOL! […]

  88. LOL! That’s just wrong. Funny as hell, but wrong!!

  89. […] Ok, this has to be one of the weirdest of the Jesus or Mary image sightings I have seen: a doggie butt, check it out. […]

  90. Why don’t some of you try and listen to some of them righwing talk shows… You might learn a thing or two. And for all of you a-holes that call me a racist I will have you know that I happen to have a brother and two sisters that are half black whom I love very much. With that being said, the black community better wake up someday and realize that it’s not the ” white republicans” or the ” white devils ” that are holding your race down but your own leadership and that other political party that claims to be working for your side. As long as you stay down, it gives them power. And tell me something…. why are people like Condi Rice, and Colon Powell not respected in the black community?? Is it because they disprove everything that Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton preach to you all the time. That black people can’t make it in America…. without their help. Give me a friggin break. I am not racist. I actually feel bad that people are taught to use race as an excuse, that it’s not right to conform to society…. or excuse me be like whitey… And as far as the comment about DUE PROCESS…. The man/woman is guilty. ( Proven in the court of law and determined by a jury of his peers. ) And it takes 12 - 20 years to finally put him/her to death. You know that prisoners get sex change operations, thousands of dollars spent on their pearly whites, among other rediculous uses of our tax dollars. I know, I have friends that are prison guards. And look up some of the rediculous lawsuits. I am sure you can find them on the internet. Not that it doesn’t happen outside of prison either. Example: women takes lid off of a newly purchased cup of coffee, places it between her leggs while she is driving. She burns herself and all of a sudden it’s the place of business she purchased the coffee froms fault because the cup didn’t say HOT!!  IT’S COFFEE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!  And the reason why she wins this case is not because she is truly a victim ( No just ignorrant ) but because the jury sees that this big franchise has all this money…. and it’s not fair… sniff.. sniff. Oh and Fuck you to the guy that said I hate this country…. I love my country asshole. I just hate seeing where it is going. To the left that is…. filled with all the tree huggers, communist, American Hating everything is our fault, oh it’s not fair that that kid plays sports better than my kid, or that’s not fair because he has more toys than me…. BOO HOO!!! God it drives me nuts.

    [Paragraph —>] Listen, I don’t want to make any enemies in here. I just like to have a nice discussion/d ebate on certain issues. For the life of me, I can’t even begin to fathom the liberal thought process. And because I don’t I am considered a racist or a hater… or whatever. I only see liberalism as a feel good idealism… It’s not right that someone is smarter, or faster, or makes more. It’s just not fair… It’s just full of all of these feel good ideas that just aren’t realistic. And don’t even get me started on the spotted friggin owl….. Fuck the spotted owl, carribou, bunny rabbit, frog, If people need oil then oh friggin well. Global warming is an anti-capital ism idea. The earth goes through cycles…. Hell something killed the damn dinosaur…. and they weren’t driving friggin SUV’s!!! come on!! Anyways…… Love you guys.. :)

  91. Oh, and OJ Simpson is a guilty. Not because he is black. Because he is a friggin murderer. Have no clue why I just thought of that. Oh yeah because the jusy was not honest and had him innocent before the trial even began. But hey, it ain’t a perfect system… but i’ll still take it.

  92. That would be JURY…. Oh and one of my favorite stories as a child had a troll in it… along with three billy goats…. I think it was. They were trying to cross a bridge or something to that affect. I don’t remember the whole story. Oh and by the way….. F U Dusty. Don’t you EVER!! insult trolls like that again.

  93. I can not tell you if or why Colin Powell isn’t respected, a former military leader and someone whom I respect and always have..Condo. .not so much. She is a mouthpiece for the Bush regime and as a former executive for the Oil Industy, someone I  do not trust any farther than I could toss her. Your self-absorbe d rant about Liberals and criminals shows me you are narrow-minde d and thats your problem not mine. No one has ever had a conviction overturned ever at the appeals level right? Get a grip, even if one person convicted wrongly is found to be not guilty it makes the system worth it. If  you don’t beleive that, once again its not my problem and frankly I am glad you are not an elected representati ve with your mind already made up. 

    My father spent 20 years working in the Federal Prison system so I am well aware of how that system works, does that make my views any more right than yours? Of course not.

    You name symptons of a society that is self-absorbe d and for that you wish to blame liberals? Get a grip.

    Of the last ten Presidents, 6 were repubes 4 dems..seems the conservative s have had more time in office and thereby more time to institute their beliefs. Its not all black and white with regard to politics and policies.  

    Tree-huggers love this country just as much as you or anyone else. if you fail to see that I have nothing left to say to you. I have no respect for someone that wraps themself in the flag and calls anyone that doesn’t believe as they do America-hati ng fools.That is ignorant and self-serving . If you wish to discuss do not alienate the majority of the forum..its common sense, not rocket science. 

  94. Dude lionheart…

    Just go…  You are making my side look bad and I don’t need to see you pick on Dusty with some irrational bizarre thoughts that don’t make sense.

    If it offends you, don’t comment on it here…  especially with that attitude. 

  95. Hey Steve..hows the wife and the the lil guy doin?

  96. Doing great…  he’s starting to smile and I think he attempted to giggle.

    He’s a happy child… wants to be with mom a lot though. 

  97. Oh man..thats when they start to develop personalitie s..the best time of all Steve :)

  98. DUDES, Get a life,  leave everyone alone. Go jack off or finger yourselves, Just be Americans…


    Why Question something you dont believe in?

    Does it make you feel Threatened? WHY? Is it does do something REAL ABOUT IT !!!!!!

    Like those little kids who hate their bullies to the point where they go shoot them or something BUT SHUT UP or POT THEM UP!!!!

  99. Am I going to hell because I think this is hilarious???

  100. maybe xtians have more humor than moslems?

    Try transforming jezuz into that profet mo ham Ed

    Then again - who cares?

  101. THANK GOD you aren’t finding Jesus in a young Page’s butt!

  102. There is divinity everywhere.  Even in the poop.  Just try to not be constipated.

  103. That sucks. The only way in which the highlighted area resembl es Jesus is that Jesus had a head, and he might have worn white clothes.

  104. Truthman says:

     ”Look people lets face it we are a nation of dumb fucks who twice voted in a retarded ape and his slimy band of thugs, israelis, murderers, cronies and hang-ons and white-wanna bees (Condi Rice). He only gives hope to the adoring white trash watching his embarass ing attempt at English and grotesqu ely oebse imbecile old farts in the biblical belt (particularl y TX and OK) glued to their 200 year smelly urine stained recliners with crosses just about everywhere (including their rectum s) hoping and pining for that Rapture that could come about any day now, who switch between that supreme  monkey shit Jimmy Swaggert and the total fucking disinformati on zone, Fox News. I say I would rather be under Chavez any day than this fucking coak roach bush & neocon cronies. Notice the only people pissed at Chavez in Venezuela are the rich and those of the press backed by US propaganda dollars. ”

    How pathetic you must be.  Your submission to ‘groupthink’ gives you away.  I don’t consider myself dumb nor do I think that the majority of Americas are dumb.  Our country is quite full with people who have a cogent thought process; what irks you is that everyone doesn’t think your way. 

    Your amazing grasp of the English language has allowed you to fill a post with nothing more than gibberish.  If you truly think that live under Chavez would be so great, why aren’t you there?  Go, this country would not stop you; you are free to do, say and think what you want; you are even free to go.

    As you continue to rail against the country that offers unparalleled freedom, you should give pause to think about something else; most of the world’s people are dying for a chance to get into this country, I dare say the line for immigration to Venezuela is amazingly short.  No waiting.

    No, stop being a ass and either get in the game, or admit that you probably need to work on your skills (reading, comprehensio n, language, and others) so that you can take advantage of the tremendous opportunitie s here in the USA and maybe that will wash your small-minded anger away.

    By the way, Jesus in a dog’s butt?  That did crack me up.  I’m firm in my belief that He does have a sense of humor!

  105. I would take the right on it’s worst day over the left on it’s best anytime. You tell me I am a closed minded person. I say I have common sense. Oh and there may have been 4 out of the last 6 presidents that were republicans, but your lovely democratic party was in control of the house and senate during the majority of that time. The president does not make or break laws, and needs approval for everything else from the congress. And Steve…… What side might that be????

  106. I made a quesadilla once that had Jesus’ face on it.

     I ate it. It was good…..

  107. my dog had jesus in his ass …. my uncle jesus, that sick fuck.

  108. Only in America! Lighten up, folks.

    There’s only one problem I can see… it looks more like Osama Bin Laden.

    Now we know why they can’t find him.


  109. why you do this , please
    dont do this
    moslam say whatis your GOD

  110. Salah,

    They do this because discovering images of Jesus and of Mary, Jesus’ mother, in unusual places has grown into something of a cottage industry. Some people find some of these images to be spiritually significant and draw strength and encouragemen t from them. Others simply find the whole thing ludicrous and so they make fun of it. Truth be told, when an image of Jesus is found in a sandwich which is then auctioned off on e-Bay for hundreds of dollars, it is pretty ludicrous.

    In any case, in this country, each person says what is their God or whether they will have any god at all.

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