September 30th, 2006

Stick a Yellow Ribbon up Your SUV

The Asylum Street Spankers tells everyone that supports our troops by spending a $1.93 exactly what they can do with their god damn ribbons!!!
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Posted in Military, Video and Animation

54 Comment(s)

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  1. karstensrage Says :

    Totally hilarious. Ive feeling what they just sang about. See Asleep on my blog. I wish every SUV driving, cell phone yakking cunt-ry person would watch that video and stick their ribbons….

  2. Tumerica Says :

    Oh, how I enjoyed that! Brilliant, boisterous–bodacious. Let’s send this message all across the, at hem, U.S. of A.

  3. steve Says :

    Yeah hate freedom of expression by making a funny song… yeah

  4. Ok, who had steve bitching about his freedom at comment 3 on the pool?

  5. Steve O Says :

    I did I win!!!!

  6. Lew Says :

    By the power vested by the Asylum Street Spankers, your freedom to place a magnetic ribbon on your car is now repealed.

    Oops. Didn’t work, SteveO. How about the Patriot Act? Let’s try that.


  7. BMJ Says :


  8. DJ Says :

    Fuqin Hilarious.

  9. vmweenie Says :

    I looooove this stuff. Even better though is reading the pin-head’s comments. That would be you, Steve.

  10. Jersey McJones Says :

    Great stuff!


  11. Monte Schlarman Says :

    real great song played great 2:00pm pdst but some one hacked it by 2:15pm pdst

  12. steve Says :

    So let’s get this straight…

    It’s okay that this video and song were made.  Obviously someone very creative and talented is behind it.  The message is clear and is quite funny and very light-hearted

    But, it’s not okay to point out how it takes a shit on someone’s freedom of expression? Wow!  Okay…  A person that plunks down a buck ninety three in good faith, believing in a cause and the spirit of it all is expressing themselves.  Expression comes in different forms but they’re equal.

    So I point out the absurdity of it and I am  a “pin-head”?

    Nice fucking country we live in.

  13. Kip W Says :

    It’s part of the same freedom of expression. Pointing out that buying a ribbon is a very shallow form of support for those dying in Iraq in no way takes away the freedom of the ribbon buyers to continue their behavior.

    Just as pointing out that someone is pissing and moaning does not materially encroach upon his freedom of expression. I mean, look: they said it, and it was still physically possible for you to keep posting. What’s the problem? Are you only free in a universe where nobody ever criticizes you?

  14. vmweenie Says :

    Perhaps I was wrong to call Steve a pin-head.

    Steve, you didn’t exactly “point out how it takes a shit on someone’s freedom of expression.” You said (hey, it’s right up there above) “HATE freedom of expression by making a funny song” [emphasis mine]

    No one involved, I venture to say, hates “freedom of expression.” It’s not someone’s freedom to express an opinion they’re attacking. In the spirit of Voltaire (or whoever it was), we will staunchly defend your and everyone else’s “right” to express their views.

    It’s the opinions that are being attacked; It’s the neanderthalish stupidity of the notion that buying a yellow sticker does anything whatsoever to support the troops or help win the war or whatever it is such people think they’re doing; It’s the mindless jingoism of the act that’s being skewered.

    See, we’re not against anyone’s freedom of expression, but in your case (as in the object of the song’s satire) when people express superlatively moronic views, IT’s FAIR GAME. It’s all abnout the THING that is neing expressed.

    Augh, I was wrong. Steve is a pinhead.

  15. vmweenie Says :

    oops - forgot to ask an important question: Steve, bought a lot of yellow ribbons, didja?

  16. Kevin Curriston Says :

    Awsome!  Thank you, you made my day!!!!!

  17. Sybil Says :

    Great voice.  But it isn’t a good thing to make fun of our boys being killed in Iraq.  Maybe when Top Hat their flies his finger and gets a tire iron up side his fat head - we can sing funny songs about him.  And NO - I don’t have a yellow magnetic ribbon on my SUV.  But I DO drive an SUV - just to piss people like you off.

    Oh, and when our cars decide to tangle - I walk away without a scratch.

  18. Larry Says :

    Steve is not a pinhead.  He is civilized and articulate.. and I choose to think that he is playing devil’s advocate on this issue.  Now, our Sybil is an American hero!  Defending “our boys’” honor by suggesting horrible violence upon this performer.  If only the Asylum Street Spankers would do something to honor “our boys” by calling attention to the cheapening and exploitation of “our boys’” horrible experience of needless sacrifices and suffering.. Oh wait.  They did.

  19. PopIce Says :

    Oh Sybil,

    Let me try to explain this whole thing to you in simple language.  I do not believe that the singers were, as you put it, “making fun of our boys being killed in Iraq”.  Perhaps you did what all Neocon’s like to do these days; take one picture out of context and run like hell with it because you have NO RATIONAL ARGUMENT OR ORIGINAL THOUGHT.   They were, however, making fun of people who think that by merely putting a sticker on their cars they are supporting the troops, while their president and congress who they love and defend with rediculousness keep cutting the benefits and health care of these same men and women whom they (sarcasm) love so much.  What sacrifices has this administration asked all American’s to make?  NONE!  In fact, let us be the first nation in the history of civilization (look it up - oh, I’m sorry, that would be a fact.  You don’t like those) to cut taxes during wartime.  And to cut them for the richest of the rich is disgusting and deplorable. 

    Oh, and when our cars do tangle, you may walk away without a scratch, but you will still be an uninformed, intellectually challenged fascist.  And while you are walking away, be sure to follow your sides so called “moral compass” and find your way to New Orleans to see how much your side cares about people.

  20. Jim Says :

    And I want to just throw some more kudos out there to Sybil. If our cars DID decide to tangle, her car would definitely kick my car’s ass. I drive a Ford Escort. 1999. You win this round, Sybil!

  21. Thursday Says :

    Sybil & Jim -

    Actually, since the SUV is simply an addition to a standard truck frame, they are notoriously bad at keeping their passengers safe from injury in any type of crash.  Plus, as their manouverability is atrocious, their crash avoidance is among the worst in private vehicles.  If you really want to keep you and your passengers safe, you’ll have to go with a sedan or mini-wagon.


    This, coming from a motorcycle rider.  Go fig. 

  22. Happy Handicaper Says :

    Perhaps the most convenient solution would be to arrest all the republicans in congress, open Auschwitz for a day, and gas them all.  Kind of like fumigating for cockroaches.

    Republican Party = Nazi Party

  23. steve Says :


    You are right and I am wrong.  The song isn’t about hating freedom…

    However, you boy Handy handicapper here says,

    Perhaps the most convenient solution would be to arrest all the republicans in congress, open Auschwitz for a day, and gas them all.  Kind of like fumigating for cockroaches.

    Republican Party = Nazi Party”

    Now that is fucking hate speech…  Do you support this guy?  And if you do, tell us why?  We pinheads have a hard time understanding these things. 


  24. Bethie Says :


    Nazis? The comparisons are indeed scary.

    Great link explaining  fascism for you. This is why you should be afraid of a party that has betrayed you.


  25. Dawn Gulick Says :

    Hilarious!! I always thought that those made in china pieces of crap were nothing but an outrage to begin with. Just like those stupid rubber bracelets. LOL. I’m really sorry if you bought into that crap and stuck it onto your vehicle - the goddamn joke is on you. Way to go guys! That was awesome!

  26. sumo Says :

    Trully great!

  27. Twiny1 Says :

    “Perhaps the most convenient solution would be to arrest all the republicans in congress, open Auschwitz for a day, and gas them all. Kind of like fumigating for cockroaches.

    Republican Party = Nazi Party”

    Now that is fucking hate speech… Do you support this guy? And if you do, tell us why? We pinheads have a hard time understanding these things.”

    Why yes, we support this guy under the basic principal your Fearful Leader would like to repeal, freedom of speech. Are you with me, Steveo?

    You pinheads have a tough time breathing without illustrated instructions. The Decider does not require your understanding. Thats why you’ve become so stupid. Use it or loose it. You haven’t used it and now it’s gone. THAT’S why you are a republican, no thinking allowed. Still with me here, Steveo? No? Find a Democrat to explain it to you.

  28. Spencer Batchelder Says :

    This is great somebody forwarded it to me on flickr, haha it goes along with a blog entry I wrote a couple months ago here is the URL.  If you have an issue with this lighten the fuck up.  At least the liberals have found away to state thier opinion humorously unlike the Neo Cons who have bitches like MAnn Coulter and Bill Orielly.  And by the way to every Republican who uses my profession (I am a soldier)  in an arguement on a forum thinking people won’t fire back… FUCK YOU, you have no right and you are a coward for using my job as a shield because you have no point.  If you love the war so god damn much take my spot….

    If you Support Bush tear Down you Yellow Ribbon

  29. Dave R Says :

    Yeah, yer a pinhead..and it was a nice country until you neodicks cheated your way in.

  30. rick Says :
  31. Troy Says :

    People, obviously Happy Handicaper is a troll- dont fall for it. Hey “Happy” who pays your bills, Joseph Goebbels?

  32. vmweenie Says :


    That was very gracious of you to admit you were wrong - something the resident will never do. And I here apologize for being mean, calling you a pinhead. Nor do I think we should be calling Sibyl a ‘pinhead’. We should be calling Sybil ‘excess human baggage.’

    Now, Handy is definitely not my boy. Unless he’s handsome, intelligent, likes middle aged guys and I split with my partner of 15 years, he’ll never be my boy.

    >>>”Now that is fucking hate speech… Do you support this guy? And if you do, tell us why? We pinheads have a hard time understanding these things.

  33. vmweenie Says :

    [not sure why the rest got cut off….]

    It *might* be hate speech. But yes, I do support him in stating his view, though I find that proposal abhorrent myself. He might actually feel that way, in which case it’s pretty hateful indeed. Or he might be saying it for shock value. He might be saying it just to rile you.

    Speech itself is harmless. The harm you may feel comes from within yourself, from your own reaction to it. People who get all angrified over what others say (in all but extreme cases) are usually maddest about having to question their own convictions - convictions they want desperately to avoid questioning.

    It’s the same as how how al quaida succeeded far beyond their best expectations in damaging the USA by our overreaction in inappropriate ways to their attack.

  34. ruby Says :

    hee-hee.  Reading these posts is just as interesting and funny as watching the Spankers’ video.  vmweenie, Kip W, Larry, and Jim– all of you are fabulous!

    Now I’m off to conspicously (public announcement adds to the conspicousness) consume some Spankers gear.

  35. darkrond Says :

    i wonder, how people come to call this performance “hate on freedom of expression” or something in that way. it just shows, what the opinion expressed with that ribbon stands for. if someone calls this clip rubbish - does that automaticly mean, he hates freedom of expression? only because of a different view on reality? i don’t think so. if those using that ribbon don’t want to hear and see - click to other websites or go to other shows. i like that clip. it’s a great satire on what is going on. 

    peaceful greetings from germany. 

  36. JONNY D Says :

    It is the thought that counts. That is not fair to our troops! They are good people like you and I. As for the SUV drivers, I agree.

  37. Chris Says :

    During WWII many civilians in the US volunteered their time and expertise to help the war effort. There were also many new taxes imposed that supported the war effort. Another words, American civilians had to sacrifice for the war effort. For the most part they did it willingly because they believed that the war was a matter of survival….that it was necessary.

    The yellow ribbons, as the song suggests, are a way for citizens to feel “patriotic” about a war they are unsure of, while avoiding any real personal sacrifice (soldiers families excluded) such as higher taxes or rationing of resources, etc. This is very dangerous in a democracy because this lack of real sacrifice gives the citizens in question no motivation to question the validity of the war. This is the apathy the song refers to.

    If GWB had gone in front of the people and declared that every tax paying American would have $150/month deducted from their pay for the next 5 years to support his decision, I guarantee that the majority of the ribbon people would say “Hey, wait a minute…can we see more evidence that we really need to invade Iraq?”. The plethora of demonstrations that occurred during the Vietnam War would occur again.


  38. Troy Says :

    For Christ’s sakes people. It’s not about our troops. Hell, my brother is in Mosul as we speak. Do you think I’m making fun of him by laughing at this skit? To be clear, I am not. The military goes where they are order and does what they are ordered to do- honorably. Bless all who serve and God speed home to every last one.

    It IS directed towards people who say, “support our troops” on bumper stickers but could care less after the adhesive dries. Even more pathetic is that its now a magnet- you don’t want to leave a mark on that fine glossy Escalades finish. Which, again, is the point of this skit.

    Please give some positive thought to all the personnel stationed at Camp Diamondback- cant hurt, might help.

  39. - » Links Says :

    […] [Stick a yellow ribbon on your SUV] […]

  40. Stevorino Says :

    Hey ribbon-clad SUV driver - getting criticised is NOT the same as being stiffled. You’ve been married so long you’re reacting like you would to your wife for telling you that you have two different colors of socks on. Chill.

  41. Sputnik Says :

    I think the Asylum Street Spankers are hilarious and make a good point.  Chris, Popice and Spencer made very good points, as well.  Yellow ribbons are fine if you’re a family member of someone in the war. It shows you’re waiting for them to come home.  But, if it’s being used to show support, it’s a very feeble attempt.  I agree that if the people of this country support the war, then they should be making sacrifices and I just don’t see that happening across the country.  Look how many people bitched when the gas prices were up to $3.  Luckily, we all still have the right to voice our opinions, including Steve.  Although, I have a feeling that if ”W” could have his way we’d lose that right, especially if we don’t agree with him.  I think that Happy was trying to rile some of us, but I’m concerned about Sybil.  Sounds like she’s living up to her name-sake (anyone old enough to remember the movie?). There are people out there who need to learn that you can disagree with others without wishing them bodily injury.  Perfect example, the morons in Iraq & Iran. They are continuously fighting over religious beliefs.  Is that where Sybil is from?? (o:

  42. Jan Steinman Says :

    The whole thing reminds me of a story I ripped off… I was sitting at a traffic light in my vegetable-oil-powered vehicle when the light changed. Well, it was chilly, and I hadn’t been running long, so when I stepped on the accelerator, I experienced a “vegoil moment,” and the increased flow caused wax crystals to clog my fuel filter, and the engine died.

    I knew at this point that I just had to wait for a minute or so to let the engine heat unclog the filter. So I patiently sat there — call it my personal sacrifice to keep oil imports and greenhouse gasses down.

    But the woman in the SUV behind me did not take my inaction as the truly patriotic measure that it was, and immediately began repeatedly blowing her horn, signaling her IQ using digital technology on BOTH hands, and loudly shouting various expletives about my sexual relations with my mother and my ability to insert my head into certain other body parts.

    At this point, a cop came up behind her with flashing lights and siren, made her exit the vehicle at gunpoint, cuffed her, and took her away to the slammer, where she was fingerprinted, photographed, and tossed unceremoniously in a cell.

    Some hours later, they let her out with an apology. “M’am, given your behavior, you must understand that with your chrome-plated plastic fish, and the ‘What would Jesus do?’ and “Moral Majority” bumper stickers — surely you can see how I would assume the car was stolen?”

  43. I hate liberals Says :

    It simply amazes me how liberals love to crap on the soldiers who defend the country who gives these long hair, pinko jerks the freedom to make fun of our soldiers and our country.  Instead of picking up a cane and helping the enemy, pick up a rifle and defend our country you losers!!!

  44. I hate liberals Says :

    It disgusts me how long haired commie pinko liberals are so quick to crap on our country.  They hate America and the soldiers who die to give them the freedom to attack this great nation by collaborating with the enemy.  Instead of picking up a cane and insulting freedom, fat boy should pick up a rifle and defend this country.

  45. Troy Says :

     Something tells me “I hate liberals” has issues. Possibly body type or maybe homoerotic feelings but issues nonetheless.

  46. Troy Says :

    Something tells me “I hate liberals” has issues. Possibly body type or maybe homoerotic feelings but issues nonetheless.

  47. jbeezz Says :

    Hey, hey hey. It’s a JOKE!!!  Everybody knows that Republicans have no sense of humor but you (Repubs) really need to lighten up.  No one is telling the eco-terrorists in their Hummers that they don’t have freedom of expression to hang their tacky little magnetic ribbons on their vehicles.  As far as I’m concerned all of the suv’s should be melted down to make Mini Coopers and Hummers should be on the receiving end of RPGs. But that’s just me. Clearly the drivers of these vehicles with their expressionistic magnetic ribbons are all very patriotic cowards who are only willing to send other mothers sons and daughters to kill Iraqis in order that they can put gas and oil in their environmentally unfriendly vehicles.  All the while bitching about how the liberals are helping the terrorists.  Pick up a gun and get your butts to Iraq to buy the oil with your own blood. 

  48. Frank Says :

    Hey there now, “I Hate Liberals” (if that is your real name) we don’t want to make “fun of our soldiers” or “our country,” we just want to make fun of hypocritical dickheads like you.

  49. Frank Says :

    Hey there now, “I Hate Liberals” (if that is your real name) we don’t want to make “fun of our soldiers” or “our country,” we just want to make fun of hypocritical dickheads like you.

  50. Obtuse Says :

    You are all gay!

  51. vmweenie Says :

    To the aptly monickered ‘Obtuse’:

    I very much doubt we’re all gay - I’m quite sure I represent a gay minority here.

    Like, what’s your point, dickwad? Or are you pushing for legislation to protect the Internets from children? Making a case for retro-active abortion maybe?

  52. vmweenie Says :

    I very much doubt we’re all gay - I’m quite sure I represent a gay minority here.

    The need for legislation protecting the Internets from children has never been clearer.

    But that *is* an apt monicker, I’ll give you that.

  53. The RV Life » Blog Archive » Bring it On! Blog Archive Stick a Yellow Ribbon up Your SUV Says :

    […] Bring it On! Blog Archive Stick a Yellow Ribbon up Your SUVTo announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American […]

  54. Sylvia Baylor Says :

    Brilliant, I howl every time I play this!

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