October 19th, 2006

Bush Family–98,842 acres and a Mule

It has been reported that George W. Bush has recently purchased a 98,842 acre farm in Northern Paraguay. What on earth does the President of the United States need a 98,000+ acre farm in Northern Paraguay for?

On the surface it looks all very innocent, but lets add the very quiet trip that Jenna Bush made to the country earlier this month in which she met charter boat fishing pensacola beach and his family at their official residence. She also met with U.S. Ambassador James Cason. Could it be that our little drunken Jenna is all grown up and playing diplomacy?

This all still seems very innocent on the surface, but now lets add the five hundred U.S. troops that arrived in Paraguay with planes, weapons and ammunition in July 2005, shortly after the Paraguayan Senate granted U.S. troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction. Neighboring countries and human rights organizations are concerned the massive air base at Mariscal Estigarribia, Paraguay is potential real estate for the U.S. military.

Does Bush plan on being charged with something in the future? Does Bush foresee a collapse of the United States and feels a strong need to have a place to cut and run to, or does Bush just need a nice secret little place other than Gitmo where he can send people he doesn’t like?

Now things don’t look so innocent.

Mr. Bush, could you please tell us what your intentions are and whether these intentions are hostile toward the people of the United States, or do you just intend on retiring to Paraguay?

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Posted in Right Wing Nut, Police State

42 Comment(s)

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  1. mainsailset Says :

    Even at $5 an acre, Bush’s financial disclosure says he can’t afford the ranch. As you point out, an inquisitive person would wonder whether Paraguay has extradition agreements with US. Has Cheney bought a neighboring spread? Or are we planning a Halliburton compound?

  2. Jersey McJones Says :

    Oh man.  THIS is something to watch…


  3. Steve O Says :


    That is a very interesting point. He must’ve secured one of those 300-year mortgages and Jenna and her future kids co-signed it with him.

  4. mainsailset Says :

    Every once in awhile my memory cells surprise me and this time I remembered the book that Sebastian Junger had been writing several years ago. The topic was the nexis of borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay which had been overtaken by terrorist groups as a triangle of new home turf for their training camps. I let Google do some searching for me and bingo, CNN had a report back in 2002 about the area. Without knowing the exact areas I can’t be certain if there is an overlap, but it is strange nevertheless for Bush to choose an area not only currently inhabited by terrorists but also a known refuge years back to the Nazi war criminals. 

  5. manapp Says :

    According to this website:


    It is the Senior Bush and an unconfirmed rumor.

  6. Omnipotent Poobah Says :

    Maybe he needs the new rancho to grow some fresh brush. I think he may have cleared all of it in Crawford and he’s looking for something to keep him busy…you know, hard work.

  7. ascap_scab Says :

    Papa Bush owns an additional 173k acres in northern Paraguay on the Bolivia/Brazil border.  Between the two, they own 2.7% of Paraguay.

  8. Ross Bender Says :

    Mennonite settlers came to the Chaco “The Green Hell” in the 1920s and eventually made it highly profitable. Later, German Mennonites fleeing Russia arrived and harbored Nazis for a time. When my father visited in the 70s there was a street sign at the intersection of  “Bender” and “Himmler”. Now the street signs are in Spanish.

    Although Mennonites are reclusive and largely pacifist, they are becoming assimilated and the new government has at least one Mennonite in the cabinet. Duarte’s wife is a member of a Mennonite church. The Mennonite World Conference Assembly will be held in Paraguay. As a Mennonite pacifist myself, I’m somewhat disturbed by the assimilation. Mennonites in Latin America generally, however, are strong pacifists.

    For further reading:

     http://old.mbherald.com/38-24/books.html (Review of “Mennonite and Nazi?: Attitudes Among Mennonite Colonists in Latin America, 1933-1945″


  9. Ross Bender Says :

    Mennonites pioneered agricultural settlements in the Chaco “The Green Hell” in the 1920s. Later, German Mennonites fleeing Russia settled there and at least some flirted with Nazism. Although Mennonites are largely pacifists, they are beginning to assimilate, and Duarte’s wife is the member of a Mennonite church. 

    See review of Mennonite and Nazi?: Attitudes Among Mennonite Colonists in Latin America, 1933-1945



  10. Ross Bender Says :

    Mennonites are largely pacifists, but Duarte’s wife is a member of a Mennonite church and there is now at least one Menno in the cabinet.

    cf Mennonite and Nazi?: Attitudes Among Mennonite Colonists in Latin America, 1933-1945

  11. Al Says :

    El Chaco region is known for it’s oil and  the most infamous war in the continent, between Paraguay and Bolivia, 1935-1938. Each side was basically fighting for an oil company, Bolivia for Standard Oil, Paraguay for Shell. Total number of casualties=100,000: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaco_War.



  12. C Says :

    I was about to say the same thing, Al.  O  I  L

  13. ersatz Says :

    How many other countries have granted U.S. troops immunity from national and International Criminal Court (ICC) jurisdiction?

  14. m.e. anderson Says :

    i wonder if ther is a connection between georges new interest in vegetable based oil for fuel and the fact that paraguay is the 4th largest producer of soybeans

  15. thomasfortenberry.net » Blog Archive » Rancho Bushwhacko Says :

    […] Nevertheless, this is a major deal and the land purchased is truly immense. As in over 98,840 acres of land. Or as Bring It On! adds it, that is 98,840 acres and a mule. […]

  16. Tom Degan Says :

    I’m not 1007 convinced that this story has any legs to stand on but I’m going to keep my eyes on it, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see that murderous little thug try and cut and run….I’ve been saying for the longest time that he’ll be remembered as the first former chief executive to go to federal prison.

    Tom Degan

    Goshen, NY

  17. susan Says :

    I think its a grow op!

  18. Politics in the Zeros»Blog Archive » Exit strategy? Says :

    […] The Bush family has apparently just bought a 98,842 acre ranch in Paraguay. […]

  19. bozo Says :

    Dubya buys big ranch in south hemi in case:
    1) Yank economy collapses from all those “planned wars” for the benefit of some tiny Zio** state.

    2) Need to avoid those possible war crime & treason trials in case the one world government fails to take hold.

    3) Need a safe refuge in case the whole illuminist plan goes awol & north of the rio grande ends up full of mushroom clouds.

  20. maxW Says :

    Think . . . Bush crime cartel, drugs, CIA, Rev. Moon, major water supply, amnesty, lax money laundering laws . . . ties it all together

    US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges
    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

    US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges

    Bush and Paraguay articles:

  21. Listics - Frank Paynter’s Voice and Vision… » Fear itself… Says :

    […] Fear itself… By Frank Paynter George W. Bush must be apprehended and tried. Where do we begin? A Democrat congress is only a start. He must be apprehended before he can flee the country and avoid extradition. How do we get the soccer moms and dads, the NASCAR ass-hats, out of their mini-vans and SUVs and into the streets? President Bush: Yet with the distance of history, the questions will be narrowed and few. Did this generation of Americans take the threat seriously? And did we do what it takes to defeat that threat? […]

  22. hapetyme Says :

    I say for all of the same reasons that bozo states below.  But I think he learned a thing or two from his daddy and the Iran Contra, and he is using the proceeds from the opium sales from Afghanistan to purchase the land.  Since the US military took over the poppy fields, the number of poppy fields has increased immensely (don’t remember exact details). Funny, I thought there was supposed to be a war against drugs - Oh yeah, that’s right, his daddy ran the drugs when he was head of CIA.



    Just like bozo states:

    Dubya buys big ranch in south hemi in case:
    1) Yank economy collapses from all those “planned wars” for the benefit of some tiny Zio** state.

    2) Need to avoid those possible war crime & treason trials in case the one world government fails to take hold.

    3) Need a safe refuge in case the whole illuminist plan goes awol & north of the rio grande ends up full of mushroom clouds.

  23. kunatai Says :

    Paraguayans have been saying that the U.S. was after the Guarani Acuifer for years… now it’s coming true.  U.S. military comes in to Paraguay in plain clothes on commercial flights all the time.  I mean those white guys in hawaiian shirts and crew cuts aren’t in PY “on business”.  The Chaco is the wild west, there is no legal presence, Paraguay’s own government doesn’t know what goes on out there half of the time. Even if they did, Paraguay is the second most corrupt country in the western hemisphere, there isn’t anything that a few greenbacks couldn’t buy.  The Chaco is a harsh desert with a couple indigenous tribes and a few mennonite colonies, nobody is paying attention to the military build-up there.

  24. Magginkat Says :

    I think the first resident at the Paraguay ranch will be “Kenny Boy” Lay !    And yes, I do believe that Bush fears being charged with war crimes.   He may be planning to go AWOL again!

    However, I am trying  to figure out how our military in that country would protect a war criminal???  But then we have to remember, with these criminals, & with George having declared himself to be the “Decider”, I guess anything is possible.

  25. Arbusted59 Says :

    I’m still In My Own Shock and Awe that Mr Brain Dead Bush and Friend has even made it this far without contracting some deadly type of 308-Lead poisioning ? Can you just imagine that JFK was REMOVED For NOT playing Ball with the very same SOB Running the Show today ?  Back then anybody who even resembled a problem later on was removed from the Dinner Menu without so much as a “Here’s your Hat what’s your Hurry”

  26. Andy Says :

    He’s wasting his time fleeing to Paraguay if it’s to escape extradition:


    More likely to do with grasping more wealth in his sticky little paws.

  27. David Cox Says :

    This property was bought by Bush for prison camps or to hide away, if necessary.  He can use it for whatever he wants.  He is probably proporting to be using “his own money” for the purchase, but he has profited so greatly through years and years of corruption and theft, this is really government money.  This is part of their global plan.  It sounds sinister and evil, and that’s because it is.  I’m sure that if we did a search on all the property and assets that the Bush family owns we would be amazed.  Add that to the wealth of the top illuminati families and you will see that they own or are in control of way more than we should be comfortable with.  We should not put up with this.

  28. Gary Hatch Says :

    In a world that today has increasingly become quite entangled and most complicated, I am not at all surprised to read that the Bush family is reported to have purchased a ranch in paraguay and that 500 military personel along with weapons, and planes have been assigned to protect the ranch. What I find most disturbing and alarming, is if in fact this story is true, the Bush family will never be held accountable for any wrong doing that may have occurred on their watch, and without question a story such as this would never see the light of day on any major news network be it television or newspaper. Sadly enough, this only goes to serve notice to any and all, that if you have enough money, enough connections; and with that comes unparalled power; one can do as they wish, without any fear of being held accountable for their actions. we live in a time unprecidented in the way that the battle for freedom is taking a beating. We, those who serve as the vanguard for the cause of freedom, are losing in such a way that we may never again in our lifetime, be able to know freedom as we once did, so very long, long ago. May God have mercy on all of us!

  29. Gary Hatch Says :

    I am quite disturbed to read news such as this. I do not know which is worse; their buying the ranch in Paraguay with the added feature of 500 military personel, arms and planes, or the fact of them doing so with total impunity and having such arrogence as to believe that no one will either care or ever discover the reasons behind them doing so. It only goes to remind us all that in today’s world, if one has enough money and power, they can do whatever they wish, without any fear of being held accountable for their actions. I can only wish and hope that some day the complete truth of all of this will be made public for all to read see and hear. Yet I fear greatly, that will never happen. It is a sad world that we all live in today, very sad indeed!

  30. DanShil Says :

    I wonder if any Patriot Missle Batteries are in the deployment package. If this is intended to be a refuge, there is the potential for it to backfire on W and his entourage. He and his cronies (wonder if they’ll call him Hor-Hey down there) have certainly not gained many friends thanks to their global military exploits. Imagine having that whole rogue’s gallery (Dubya, Moon, Delay, Dead Eye Dick, Rush, etc) in a place remote enough that the outcry for someone detonating a nu-cu-ler device would really not amount to more than a yawn for the rest of the world. There’s likely a wealthy nut somewhere with a Dubya inspired axe to grind…

    Or, is it all dis-information on an unfathomable scale? Everyone will be made to believe he’s fled there when he actually skulks off to Canada with the rest of the draft dodgers (hey, better late than never). Think of it… Jenna Bush on a ‘diplomatic’ mission? “Don’t come back here Yankee, but if I ever do, I’ll bring more money, ‘cause all she wants to do is dance” – D. Henley

  31. Dirk Says :

    This administration has a lot of similarities with the Hitler administration and Rove is a huge Goebbels fan. Where did all these German “leaders” go after the war? To Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and a few other counties in South America. The gang of four, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfled and Wolfowitz, seems to be more and more a proof that history repeats. Unfortunalty, there are not that many Americans that start to ask questions!

  32. http://www.gewinnspieleplanet.com Says :


  33. Gary Says :

    Bought personally??!!!

    “If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” (George H.W. “Poppy” Bush)

  34. Carla Says :

    My only question about this whole situation is why isn’t anyone in the US reporting this?  This is huge - a very unpopular president, that just announced he has plans to deploy even more of our soldiers to be slaughtered in Iraq, and he and his family are buying up huge tracts of land in a known Nazi hideout country?  What part of that doesn’t sound like a major story to you?  I swear, the more I investigate this kind of stuff, the more I wish I was ignorant sometimes.  I can’t even get most of my friends to believe some of the stuff I find - they think I’m a conspiracy theory nut.  But when you’re able to go to dozens of outlets and find the same exact story, I know I can’t possibly be crazy.  So then why won’t anyone I know believe it?  I mean come on - a month ago, they leaked out a little story that Jenna was going down to an unspecified South American country to teach for a year.  That was obviously BS.  She was going down there to act as diplomat for daddy.  When is the American public and the MSM going to wake up and start screaming about this stuff?  What’s it going to take to make them understand that the people in charge of this country are criminals, and should be removed from power and punished? 

  35. Tocsin Says :

    Treason Bush!

  36. Phaedrus Says :

    Has reality started to imitate fiction or what?  This all sounds too much like a movie and we’re all in it.  This Bush family has got to be the anti-christ in the flesh. 

  37. DANDI Says :


    Don’t you idiots have D&D game to go to or something? Geez.

  38. Magginkat Says :

    First, they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win…… 

    Ghandi must have been thinking about Dandi when that quote was written.

    But then Dandi’s problem is obvious….never question his king, Chicken George Bush!

  39. Magginkat Says :

     Dandi take heed of this quote from Ghandi:
    First, they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win.

  40. MoneyGuy Says :

    Maybe Bush’s buddy Ken Lay is down there. The guy died awfully quick and did anyone go to a funeral?

  41. John C Says :

    It has ong been known that the Bush family is wealthy, but every other prpesidential family in history has been wealthy as well.  The Bush’s are no where near as wealthy as the Kennedy’s were or as the Kerry’s are today, but they do come from Texas.   The Bush’s like Ted Turner, are interested in land, and land in the America’s is expensive, but land is paraguay is cheap.  George Bush is worth a suppposed $20 million.  At $5/acre if I had that much money I would certainly buy 100,000 acres.  That is 1/2 a million dollars, about what the president makes in two years after taxes.   I think that it is purely for investment and enjoyment purposes.  I honestly do not understand the comparisons of Bush to Hitler, and although the Iraqi war has not been the most popular war in history,  it certainly does not warrant war crimes of any kind to fall on the U.S. or its leader.  I predict that when Bush retires at the end of 2008 him and his family will enjoy this land as they do the crawford ranch.

  42. David C Says :

    John C, you are delusional.  How do you know how much wealth the Bush family has accumulated?  Are you counting the trillions of dollars in hidden assets and unreported favors and influence?  How could you ever account for all of the money this family and their friends has amassed over the generations of corruption?  Can you say Prescott Bush and the financing of the Nazi Germany during WWII?  And I believe there are plenty of reasons to to assert war crimes on this administration, not the least of which include:  use of depleted uranium in weapons’ systems; the torture and killing of innocent civilians; illegal prosecution of alleged criminals; violation of the Geneva Convention on proper trial of alleged victims during wartime; awarding no-bid contracts to friends at the expense of the American taxpayer; etc…………… Wake up John.  You will have to read between the lines to gain the truth, but it is out there if you open your eyes.


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