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The Dixie Chicks Were Right

from my friend Amy- Gold Star Mom

The Dixie Chicks Were Right
by Amy Branham

Last night, while surfing for something to watch on the television, my husband ran across the show “Austin City Limits”. The Dixie Chicks were playing, so he stopped his surfing and we watched them perform. It was good to see them up on stage performing again, especially in a Texas venue, though I do believe the show was a rerun from about a year ago.

As I listened to the songs they performed, I thought of what the Dixie Chicks had been through because they dared to voice an opinion contrary to that George Bush and the war in Iraq. They have had death threats, nearly lost their careers, and have virtually been blacklisted in country music. Their patriotism and right to life have been called into question time and time again, their CD’s burned. Yet they came back, full of defiance, to sing and perform for us again, to a new crowd and fans that were happy to see them back.

I couldn’t help but think, as I sat there listening to them, that the Dixie Chicks were right… They dared to speak the truth.

When Natalie and crew spoke out, when so many others spoke out again the war in Iraq during the lead up, we should have listened to them. They had more sense than so much of the rest of our country. We were caught in fear, and that fear was used to fan the flames of war.

When the Dixie Chicks spoke out, my son and the sons of my friends were still alive. They had just released a CD that had a song called ‘Traveling Soldier’ that tore me up every time I heard it. I could imagine that traveling soldier being my son, going so far away from home, writing letters to some girl back home. I could imagine my son coming home in a box and his name read in a memorial to the war dead. I could imagine…

Yet I could not, even in my wildest dreams, have imagined the true despair, the true heartache, the true fear and the pain I was to later experience.

3,422 American sons and daughters have died since this hideous war began. If we had only stopped and listened to the voice of reason, such as the Dixie Chicks or so many of the others who cried out to our nation’s leaders to not hastily go to war, those men and women would still be alive today. 25,378 soldiers would not be wounded and facing the rest of their lives learning to live with their wounds. Countless civilians of Iraq would not have had to bury their dead. If only we had listened to some voice, one voice, any voice, of reason.

But we did not listen. And now, when I listen to the Dixie Chicks defiant song, “I’m Not Ready to Make Right”, I can stand up with my head held high and say, Hell, yeah! I’m not ready to make right. I’m not ready to back down. I’m mad as hell… You get the picture.

The Dixie Chicks were right.

Amy Branham

Houston, TX

Mother of Sgt. Jeremy R. Smith

Nov. 1981 – Feb. 2004


www.gsfso.or g

abranham@hou ston.rr.com

http://amybr anham.blogsp ot.com/

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34 Responses to “The Dixie Chicks Were Right”

  1. Thanks for sharing that. Sadly, believe it or not, there are still people who just don’t get it.

  2. The Dixie Chicks Were Right

    When the Dixie Chicks spoke out, my son and the sons of my friends were still alive.

  3. Amy:
    Thanks for that. I have a lump in my throat. We need many more Amys to speak out.

  4. The frenchs were right too.

  5. This is a sad story and my heart truly goes out to the parents. While some now admit the obvious, that the Dixie Chicks were right, it is also time to consider what may not be so obvious… that advocates of the 9/11 truth movement may be right as well.

    Remember, in addition to WMD’s, the corrupt Bush administrati on sold this war based on 9/11. How many more sons and daughters must die before we call the 9/11 lie for what it is?

    Respectfully submitted.

    Chris Rose

  6. Here come the Truthers. Increasingly  , they are becoming the voice of the Democratic Party, ready to really sell out the country. Maybe these pathetic pukes can tell us how George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were on the grassy knoll.

  7. In fact, George H. W. Bush was in Dallas that day, since you mention it– he was working for the CIA. Nixon’s “plumbers” were also there on Nov. 22, 1963. They were arrested near the “grassy knoll”, dressed as vagrants.
    Aren’t ya glad ya brought it up?
    Maybe now you can guess why they call it
    “skull and bones”.

  8. SteveIL — what are you so afraid of? You have to convince yourself that the majority of Americans (since most believe the US is covering up something about 9/11 — though most of us aren’t sure whether it was sheer incompetence or something more sinister) are out there wearing tin foil hats? Does that help you sleep at night?

    If you bothered to spend any time asking the questions that the 9/11 commission worked so hard to avoid — perhaps you too would question the official story. All it took for me was one question — why were fighter jets not scrambled for nearly 2 hours? The answer is either that the military was completely incompetent  (which I do not personally believe because they had scrambled planes successfully on many, many occasions — the situation with the golfer Payne, I believe was his name, is the first that comes to mind) or someone worked to keep the military from doing its job. Which one do you believe? Surely you don’t believe our military men and women are too incompetent to do the job of protecting the US do you?

    You could also read the Project for a New American Century document whose signatories included: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Eliot Abrams, Richard Armitage, Richard Perle, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Zalmay Khalizad, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Daniel Pipes, Norman Podhoretz, Paul Wolfowitz, R. James Woolsey, Dov Zakheim, Ken Adleman, John Bolton, Eliot Cohen. And if you don’t know who those people are, you need to do some more research before you dismiss claims from the “Truthers” as you call us. I’ll take the label, though. Much better to be a “Truther” than a liar.

    To all the families who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan and Iraq (and, unfortunatel y, soon to be Iran), my deepest sympathy. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. Our men and women in uniform deserve so much better. They should never be asked to sacrifice so much for such a small minded leader’s delusions of grandeur. My prayers are with you. And even though I do not support the purpose of these wars, I am forever grateful that there are so many brave Americans willing to serve their country. I hope in the future all of us will accept our responsibili ty to serve them by ensuring that the sacrifices we ask them to make are noble and just ones.

  9. I know exactly what the 9/11 Commission tried hard to avoid, and did avoid it; penalizing those who failed in their responsibili ty to protect this country.

    And as far as the assertion that it is:

    Much better to be a “Truther than a liar.

    Truthers are liars.

    And to the senile JFK conspiracy theory nuts still out there, Oswald did it. By himself. Get over it.

  10. Here’s a question that I’ve been wondering about” What was on those documents that Sandy Berger stole”? Sounds like he had somehting to hide.

  11. 9/11 is the Reichstag fire of our time. Whether they knew about it before hand, did it themselves or were just incompetent, is irrelevant.

    They sold the war based on a fictional relationship between Al Qaeda and Iraq. Countless lives Iraqi and American lives have been destroyed by the result war/occupati on. Thousands upon thousands dead and thousands more walking wounded.

    But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you Steve? No, because you are too much a troop hating coward to go there yourself you can stand on the sidelines and cheer.

    Amy Branham is a friend of mine and dear sweet woman who lost who son. Show some respect.

  12. “Truthers are liars.” -SteveIL


    And to the senile JFK conspiracy theory nuts still out there, Oswald did it. By himself. Get over it. -SteveIL

    Just because you really, really want something to be true, doesn’t make it so…

  13. “And now, when I listen to the Dixie Chicks defiant song, “I’m Not Ready to Make Right”, I can stand up with my head held high and say, Hell, yeah! I’m not ready to make right. I’m not ready to back down. I’m mad as hell… You get the picture.”

    I am sorry for your loss, I really am. And I hope you say that you are ‘not ready to back down’ with conviction. But - you are still ’sitting down’. Get up. Get your family up. Get your sons friends up. Get on the phone. Call your local politicians.   Make your voice heard.

    And if ‘they’ will not listen, then we ALL need to stand up. And start giving them the violence they are looking for.

    These political punks think that we should be scared by Iraqis and Al Qaedas and terrorists… yada yada. I think that THEY should be scared of a whole sh*tload of pissed off Americans. Let’s give them a reason to listen, already.

  14. SteveIL is being paid to be here. Don’t waste your time arguing with him. Walk away from that non-sense and bring the truth to someone with a brain in their head. SteveIL doesn’t qualify.
    As for Tammara, I’m very sorry for your loss, and sorry I didn’t try harder to save your son, and the thousands of others who gave their lives for a corrupt president’s lies. I’ll resist harder.

  15. SteveIL doesn’t want to look outside his comfort-zone box because he, like untold millions, is comfortable with what Bush/Cheney are spewing out. In other words, these folks are too lazy to look around, research the facts, and think for themselves.

    Unless you’re in the military or have a loved one serving in these horrible, unjustified wars, you’ll never have a clue about the insanity of this chickenhawk administrati on. A country musician myself, I give the Dixie Chicks a standing ovation for their bravery - country artists are expected to be ‘patriotic’ to their core and besides, patriotism sells and dissent does not.

    My heart goes out to all the families who’ve lost their sons/daughte rs, husbands/wiv es, brothers/sis ters in this war. Hopefully, my son’s name will not be added to the list.

  16. What those stupid bitches don’t understand is we must kill all Mulsims before they kill our children. KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL KILL..We are chosen by God to suck the shit out of satans asshole , and like it.

  17. nj command- unless you know amy, which i presume you don’t- you haven’t got a leg to stand on regarding whether she is standing up or sitting down. i do know her, and i know precisely how hard she has worked, in the tough state of texas to bring this war to a close.

    and the reason we in the military have to work so hard on this, is because so many of the rest of you are sitting on your hands, mouthing about how you don’t support this war. we are in the streets, in the ditch in crawford, in the sentate and house offices in washington dc, on speaking tours, at rallys, marchs, blockades and in colleges, high schools and churches. amy does much more than her fair share as an american to stop this war. can you say the same?

    jolly roger- it was Amy who lost her son. my husband is in the army, 4th ID and has done a tour in iraq. he isn’t in iraq right now, but the 4th is gearing up to go back in august or sept. where am i? on the front lines of the anti war movement, having spend nearly 3 years away from my husband, either because of his deployments, or my work to stop the war. our family life is non-existent . this war is ripping military families into shreds.

    liberated lady- i believe you are liberated from your senses. completely.

  18. oh, and folks, as for steveil- i subscribe to the policy of extinquishme nt- meaning that i do not respond to him. first of all, he isn’t interested in discussion, only in baiting. secondly, if you ignore this sort of thing, it goes away. this has proven true on bio with people much more obnoxious than steveil, and i am sure it would work in that case as well- and at any rate, if ignored, we could all get on with civilized discussion instead of wasting time talking at someone who had not a single intention of listening.

  19. […]  http://www .teambio.org  /2007/05/th e-dixie-chic ks-were-righ t/ […]

  20. Bush’s Iraq war officially ended 4 years ago when he swaggared aboard the SS Lincoln under his banner of “mission accomplished ”. It is amazing how anyone can consciously debate Bush’s 4+yr amoral and illegal occupation of a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with WMDs or 9/11. Saddam was not trying to aquire yellow cake uranium from Niger and he was not supporting Bush’s “terrorists” . It was all a pack of monstrous lies. As a matter of fact, Saddam hated terrorists. As evil as Saddam was, his body count pales to Bush’s. It is Bush who is responsible for the needless deaths of over 3,300 US soldiers plus at least 20,000 injured. Bush is responsible for the horrible rape, butcher and deaths of over 600,000 innocent civilians, many of whom were little girls, little boys and elderly grandparents who only asked to be left alone. Who can say how much more suffering and painful deaths are yet to come from the illegal use of depleted uranium from Bush’s criminal enterprise? It should be clear by now to even the most densely minded sycophant that Bush’s war was and is about oil. He even refuses to protect our borders here in the US. It is amazing how anyone could debate such terpitudes.

    I do not like being lied to and this is not the time for petty partisan stupidity. This is not the time to be a “good republican” or a “good democrat”. It is time to be a good american. We are dealing with a man who chronically lies, flippantly puts our children into harms way and casually spills thier blood for corporate oil profits. How many members of the Bush/Cheney family are serving in the military? None! Bush has referred to our constitution as just a “goddamned piece of paper”, he has destroyed our credibility around the planet for generations to come and now the US joins Israel as the only two countries on this planet that has legalized torture. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he is hopelessly warped, out of touch with reality and his actions clearly demonstrate that he cares for no one but himself. Anyone who was foolish enough to vote for Bush bears a measure of responsibili ty in this disaster and they must acknowledge it with humility before reconstructi on of our nation could ever begin and the partisan stupidity can end. As far as “SteveIL” is concerned, perhaps Benjamin Franklin was correct, “those who sacrifice freedom for security are worthy of neither” and those who cannot use thier brains are no better than those who have none.

  21. JFK killed by Israel for
    1. Opposition to Israeli Nukes
    2. Fed Reserve vs USA govt & commodity standard

    Dixie Chicks were right.
    No war for an Oil Pipeline to HAIFA ISRAEL, guarded by 14 Permanent US Bases..the “real reason” as detailed in Christian Science Monitor, Haaretz & Jerusalem Post. google HAIFA ISRAEL OIL HAARETZ OR Christian Science Monitor

  22. Hi tammara,

    Please let your friend Amy know that we all mourn with her on the death of her son.

    I do agree with njcommand : “Get up. Get your family up. Get your sons friends up. Get on the phone. Call your local politicians. Make your voice heard.”

    Have rallies, have protests, what ever it takes to get your word out.

    I, myself, started my site and blog right after George Dubya gave his 2003 State of the Union Address. I knew he was a liar then and he’s only gotten worse since. “The Surge” comes to mind.

    Please, everyone who reads this, don’t sit there and take their BS. Stand up to the war criminals (politicians  ) who have killed over 3000 of our young men and women in a war for oil.

    Do all that you can to be an upstanding American citizen and defend the Constitution .


  23. Thank you for writing this. It will be in tomorrow’s listings for Rational Review News Digest (www.rationa lreview.com/ news), as well as in its related publications .

    One quibble, the song is “I’m Not Ready to Make NICE” … which says something entirely different than the “Right” as you used it. They never said they weren’t correct … only that they would not back down from the truth

  24. yes, i knew that, but decided not to make a point of it.

  25. Troubled Texan:

    You and NJCommand are saying what Tammara, Amy, I and many others have been saying for four years now. The problem is neither of you know Amy and apparently are not familiar with the work we have been doing for several years.

    Amy was a founder of Gold Star Families for Peace and an organizer during the Crawford Occupation of 2005. She has written articles, held rallies, attended meetings, and campaigned for politicians she thought could help change our country. Tammara and myself have also taken the same steps. Further, we organized the Bake Sales for Body Armor Campaign to purchase armor for soldier who were not supplied it by the government. We often say that we have to do some much because so many out there are taking a free ride.

    We were both offended by NJCommand’s comment because it was directed at our dear friend who has done so much while those around her have done so little. Can you say that you have done your share to stop the war today?

    In Peace,

  26. There is a wbsite where hundreds of American politicians and military officers are signing up to confront Bushco.
    Patriotsques tion9/11.

  27. 9/11 was an inside job.
    Denis Kucinich says it is.

  28. 9/11 was an inside job.

  29. Tammara, thanks for posting my piece on your blog. I appreciate it!

    Much love,

  30. amy,

    you are welcome, but this isn’t my blog. this is a community blog. it really belongs to steveo, jet, and tom.

  31. Yup they sure as hell were right. As a Vietnam veteran I always thought they got the shaft while the phony red neck Toby Keith was awarded hero status. Even after Keith asked right wing has been guitarist Ted Nugent to join him on tour. Nugent admitted in an interview with the Detroit Free Press to urinating and defecating in his pants for an entire week before reporting for his deaft board physical to avoid serving his country during the Vietnam war. Now Nugent earns as much as $20,000 a night preaching about the Constitution  , his respect for veterans and the right to bear arms. He became rich while over 58,000 men bled and died for his right to wave his guns around. They were the generation that he betrayed and is now making “Blood Money” from their heroism. Many of these Vietnam vets are penniless and are languishing forever in veterans hospitals around the country. Nugent is a filthy traitor and a coward. Yet Toby Keith asked him to join his tour, then foisted him in the faces of families who lost loved ones in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This phony circus was all lost while the Chicks were being vilified.

  32. Ted Nugent was subject to the draft. He was sold into slavery, and did what he had to to avoid it.
    Todays soldiers join knowing full well what may be expected of them.
    These differences reflect on the level of personal liberty in our country, and should not be glossed over.

  33. what are you smoking david? since when have 17 year old kids fully understood what was expected of them when they trained for killing? please.

  34. Mr. David - yea he was subjected to the draft alright, and when it was the LAW he outsmarted it by urinating and defecating in his pants for an entire week - that for its day was cowardice to the max. Now, if this pile of dung heap would have claimed conscientiou s objector status, then I have no problem. But he’s trying to hide his vile past and is making “Blood Money” off of the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice so he could wave his guns around. Anyone that could stick up for this pile of defecation must have crawled out of his shorts.

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